Bullock, Matthew W. (1882-1972)
The Matthew W. Bullock collection consists of scrapbooks, correspondence, photographs, professional material, and a printed item.

Scrapbooks in the collection consist of pages containing photographs (including many clue cyanide prints), programs, invitations, postcards, and other memorabilia documenting Bullock‚Äôs undergraduate years at Dartmouth College (1900-1904), with some later alumni events also recorded (1905-1911).  The photographs include images of sporting events, athletes, buildings, classmates, friends, and family members.

Correspondence in the collection includes several letters from various individuals, dating from 1903 to 1971.  Notable correspondents include William Jewett Tucker (an invitation to his wedding), John Hope, Edward  T. Ware, Hattie B. Cooper, William Henry Murray, Walter Francis White, Gordon F. Hull, Clement Kennedy, Richard Cardinal Cushing, Gilbert R. Tanis, Miriam Van Waters, Arthur J. Linenthal, and Truman K. Gibson.

Photographs in the collection include a group photograph of students from Yale, Andover, and Syracuse at Silver Bay, New York (Lake George) for croquet and tennis (1903); a testimonial banquet for Principal Wilbur J. Rockwood (1931); a meeting of the Massachusetts National Youth Administration, including Mary McLeod Bethune and Bullock (1939); an inscribed portrait of Arthur T. Lyman (1940); the annual banquet of the Law Society of Boston; several snapshots, with captions, detailing a U.S. Naval tour on which Bullock was a civilian observer, taken by Lester B. Granger (1945); and the thirtieth anniversary banquet for the Boston Center for Adult Education (1962).

Professional material in the collection consists of documents relating the Massachusetts Parole Board.  These items date from 1945 to 1947, and include appointments of membership and renewal to the parole board (1934, 1943, 1947); a certificate appointing Bullock to be a Special State Police officer (1946); a signed statement from Bullock regarding a disturbance at the Mass. State Prison (1945); and a statement of the parole board to Mass. Governor Maurice J. Tobin (1946).

The printed item is an issue of The Uganda Herald (1953).
Notable Figures
1. Bullock, Matthew W. (Matthew Washington), 1882-1972
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