Campbell, R. Wright (1927-2000)
The R. Wright Campbell collection consists of manuscripts and other material.

Manuscripts for novels by Campbell include The Spy Who Sat and Waited (Putnam, 1975); Circus Couronne (G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1977); Where Pigeons Go to Die (Rawson Associates, 1978); Killer of Kings (G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1977); Malloy’s Subway (proofs and setting copy, Atheneum, 1981); Fat Tuesday (Ticknor and Fields, 1983); The Junkyard Dog (New American Library, 1986); Alice in La-La Land (Poseidon Press, 1987); Honor (Tor Books, 1987); The Six Hundred Pound Gorilla (New American Library, 1987); Plugged Nickel (Pocket Books, 1988); Thinning the Turkey Herd (New American Library, 1988); Nibbled to Death by Ducks (Pocket Books, 1989); In a Pig’s Eye (Pocket Books, 1991); Boneyards (Pocket Books, 1992); Sauce for the Goose (Mysterious Press, 1994); The Wizard of La-La Land (Pocket Books, 1995); and The Lion’s Share (Mysterious Press, 1996).  Other manuscripts by Campbell include his screenplay for Man of a Thousand Faces (Universal, 1957); his stage play An Evening with Frost and Sandburg (produced 1996); and other miscellaneous writings.

Other items in the collection include correspondence (1984-1985); several contracts for various books; and some printed matter.
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