Carnovsky, Morris (1897-1992)
The Morris Carnovsky collection consists of numerous photographs; correspondence; materials related to his college teaching career; Carnovsky’s “office files,” containing materials related to numerous productions and in some cases seasons of performance; video tapes of various performances; audio recordings; printed material; manuscripts; research material, and theatrical memorabilia.

Manuscripts in the collection consist primarily of typed “acting scripts,” many with Carnovsky’s holograph notes, including plays by Shakespeare, Ibsen, Gorky, Ben Jonson, Brecht,
Chekhov, and Maxwell Anderson.  There is an adaptation of Chekhov’s The Sea Gull by Clifford Odets, as well as his adaptation of Milton’s Paradise Lost both for the Group Theatre, of which Carnovsky was a founder.  Also present are drafts Carnovsky’s book, The Actor’s Eye, published in 1984.  There are other miscellaneous texts and notes related to specific performances as well as notes on various drama courses taught by Carnovsky.  In addition, there is an unpublished manuscript, Group Theatre: The Last Summer - 1939, signed by Carnovsky..

Carnovsky’s office files contain a variety of material related to specific productions.  The files contain various types of material, including magazine tearsheets, programs, articles and reviews, photographs, correspondence, and legal material.  Many files refer to entire seasons, particularly regarding the Stratford (Connecticut) Shakespeare Festival.  Other files pertain to important productions, such as Carnovsky’s King Lear.  There is an outline and syllabus from Morris Carnovsky’s theater course, which he taught at Brandeis University in 1963.  Carnovsky kept files of printed material for research purposes.  Also present are articles on Brechtian acting, Shakespeare, and particularly King Lear, which became a staple in Carnovsky’s repertoire.  There is commencement material from several universities where Carnovsky was honored including Mount Holyoke and Washington University in St. Louis.

As mentioned above, there are many photographs of Carnovsky in performance, publicity shots, and costume documentation photos.  There are also a number of reel-to-reel audio recordings that include music and sound effects from various Carnovsky productions.  The collection includes an audio tape of a King Lear performance, as well as a reel from an NBC Dateline interview with Carnovsky.  Also, there are 23 records of Morris Carnovsky reading scripts (and books of the Hebrew Bible).

Carnovsky’s theater memorabilia includes a number of wigs, some small costume pieces and props, and four posters, three of which advertise productions featuring Carnovsky.  There is an honorary degree from Washington University and awards from the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, The Shakespeare Globe Trust, and the Connecticut Commission on the Arts.
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