Carroll, Gladys Hasty (1904-1999)
The Gladys Hasty Carroll collection consists of correspondence, manuscripts, and printed material.

Correspondence in the collection is extensive, and  dates from 1925 on.  There are letters to and from a variety of publishers, including Bobbs-Merrill and Little, Brown and Co., as well as magazines and newspapers from across the country.  These include The Atlantic Monthly, Better Homes and Gardens, Ladies Home Journal, Yankee Magazine, The Boston Herald, and The New York Herald Tribune, to name a few.  Carroll regularly corresponded with her U.S. Senators from New England, particularly those representing Maine.  There are letters from her to John F. Kennedy, both as Senator and “President-elect.”  Also present are letters from Senator Edward Kennedy, Edmund Muskie, and Margaret Chase Smith.  In addition, there are letters from Erskine Caldwell, Booth Tarkington, Bliss Forbush, as well as correspondence between Carroll and Warner Brothers’ Pictures regarding the proposed film version of her novel As the Earth Turns.

The collection includes original manuscripts for Carroll’s numerous short stories, serials, addresses, talks, speeches given to various organizations, and novels.  The latter include drafts of  As the Earth Turns (Macmillan, 1933); Dunnybrook (Macmillan, 1943); The Road Grows Strange (Little, Brown, 1965); Christmas through the Years (Little, Brown, 1968); The Man on the Mountain (Little, Brown, 1969); Years Away From Home (Little, Brown, 1971); Next of Kin (Little, Brown, 1974); Unless You Die Young (Norton, 1977); and others.  The collection also includes some juvenilia.                    

Printed material in the collection includes scrapbooks of publicity, reviews, and related articles on Carroll.  There are copies of magazines containing stories by Carroll, including a variety of church and youth-oriented magazines, as well as Yankee Magazine, The Saturday Evening Post, Cosmopolitan, Ladies Home Journal, and Woman’s Day, among others.
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1. Carroll, Gladys Hasty, 1904-1999
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