Chamberlain, Eva Wagner (1867-1942)

The Eva Wagner Chamberlain collection primarily consists of correspondence to and from Eva Wagner Chamberlain, with some additional letters to Baroness Ena Benze von Berlepsch. Other items include manuscripts, newspaper clippings, and photographs.

The letters to Chamberlain are dated 1893, 1917, and 1938-1940; they include both general letters and birthday greetings from 1940. Several notable correspondents are present. Individuals from the Wagner family include Gilbert Gravina (conductor, son of Blandine Wagner); Daniela von Bulow Thode (Chamberlain's sister); Wieland Wagner (grandson of Richard Wagner); Winifred Wagner (wife of Siegfried Wagner, once rumored to have married Adolf Hitler); and Wolfgang Wagner (son of Siegfried Wagner). Political and religious figures include Bishop Friedrich Otto Coch, Fritz Kempfler (Lord Mayor of Bayreuth), Prince Ernst Wilhelm Friedrich Hohenlohe-Langenburg, Ludwig Rückdeschel (Deputy Gauletier, Bavaria Ostmark), Dresden Pastor Georg Schott, Bavarian Minister President Ludwig Seibert, Julius Streicher, and Countess Margit Zichy. Scholars include musicologist Karl Anton, philologist Wolfgang Golther, philologist Hans Heinrich Schraeder, archivist Otto Strobel, eugenicist Lothar Tirala, and biologist Jacob von Uexkull. Cultural figures include writer Hans von Dettelbach, composer Siegmund von Hausegger, author Martin Jank, author Rudolf Kassner, author August Ludowici, soprano Anna von Mildenburg, conductor Carl Muck, author Jean Real, composer and critic Gustave Samazeuilh, author Karl Schneider, author Max Semper, and painter Franz Stassen. Also present are several letters from Emma Ehrenfels, wife of philosopher Christian Ehrenfels.

The letters to Ena Benze von Berlepsch date 1937-1971; notable correspondents include Gustav Berr, Imma von Bodmershof (novelist, daughter of Emma Ehrenfels), Eva Wagner Chamberlain, Emma Ehrenfels, Fritz Kempfler, Georg Schott, Winifred Wagner, and tenor Fritz Windgassen. Also present are letters to various recipients from Helmut Benze, son of Ena Benze von Berlepsch.

Manuscripts in the collection include galley proofs for Ena Benze von Berlepsch's biography Eva Chamberlain-Wagner: Tochter und Gefahrtin (Verlag Moritz Diesterweg, 1945), as well as Houston Stewart Chamberlain's extensive collection of scholarly quotations, some in the hand of Eva Wagner Chamberlain. Among the other miscellaneous manuscript items present are Eva Wagner Chamberlain's Christmas gift shopping lists for 1922-1940, with Adolf Hitler listed among the recipients; and various items regarding Richard Wagner and his circle.

Other items in the collection include several newspaper clippings, articles, photographs, and illustrations regarding the Chamberlains and Wagners, musical figures, and other topics; and the engagement announcement of Berhard Friedrich von Bulow to Adrienne Gans Edle Herrin zu Putlitz, February 1910.
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1. Chamberlain, Eva Wagner, 1867-1942
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