Chambers, Everett (1926- )

The Everett Chambers Collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, financial material, film and video, and professional material.

Manuscripts in the collection include screenplays either produced or directed by Chambers.  These writings are grouped together with other types of material by project, and include various drafts, budgets, shooting schedules, notes, crew outlines, story outlines, and photographs.  Present are episodes of Peyton PlaceJohnny StaccatoThe Lloyd Bridges Show; “Night Slaves,” an ABC Movie of the Week; and others.  Also present is material related to Chambers’ feature films, The Lollipop Cover (1965) and Private Duty Nurses (1971).  There is a variety of material related to the Columbo series, including stories, shooting schedules, and other production/publicity material.

Other manuscripts in the collection consist of plays and short films. Plays in this series include Light Sensitive; My Way; and Last Christmas. Short films include Date Rape; Is He Coming?; and Let’s Do It. There is also material regarding Chambers’ teleplay Pleasure Island, which includes a synopsis and pitch.

Correspondence in the collection is primarily business-related, and includes emails from 2011 to 2015 regarding casting and filming, among other types of correspondence.  Most letters are directed to film companies and other business associates.  Among these is a letter from Robert F. Lewine, President of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, to Chambers, informing him of Columbo’s Emmy nomination.

Printed material in the collection includes newspaper clippings and programs from 2011 regarding Light Sensitive.

Financial material in the collection consists of fiscal statements from 1990 to 1999.
Film and video in the collection consist of 16mm film prints of various television shows produced, directed, and/or written by Chambers.  These include Chambers’ first directing assignment, “In a Silent House,” for the NBC series American Inventory (1952-1953 season).  Also included are episodes from The Lloyd Bridges Show, written and produced by Chambers (1962-1663 season); Johnny Staccato with John Cassavetes, produced by Chambers (1952-1953 season); and Peyton Place, the final episode (1969), also produced by Chambers.

Professional material in the collection deals with a number of abandoned projects and pilot films created as possible NBC television series that had only a single airing.  These files may contain various drafts of scripts, outlines, notes, budgets, shooting schedules, memos, and other items.

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1. Chambers, Everett, 1926-
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