Clavell, James (1924-1994)

The James Clavell collection consists of manuscripts and other items.

Manuscripts by Clavell in the collection include his novels King Rat (Little, Brown, 1962); Tai-Pan: A Novel of Hong Kong (Atheneum, 1966); Shogun: A Novel of Japan (Atheneum, 1975); Noble House: A Novel of Contemporary Hong Kong (Delacorte, 1981); and The Children’s Story (Delacorte, 1981).

Screenplays in the collection include Clavell’s manuscripts for To Sir With Love (filmed by Columbia, 1969; produced and directed by Clavell); and the manuscripts for Where’s Jack? written by David and Rafe Newhouse (filmed by Paramount, 1968; produced and directed by Clavell). The manuscript material for To Sir With Love also includes several items regarding the film production, including schedules, locations, unit and cast lists, correspondence, publicity items, estimated grosses, and related material. Manuscripts for Where’s Jack? also include items regarding that film production, including story boards, research material, set blueprints, cue sheets, publicity items, and correspondence.

Shorter works by Clavell in the collection include the short stories “The Day of the Champion,” “Richard-Sahib,” and “Going Home From Blighty”; and the play Countdown to Armageddon (also titled Countdown ).

Other items in the collection include a photograph of Clavell; publicity material; reviews; a program and two clippings regarding the play The Children’s Hour; correspondence to and from Clavell (ca. 1960-1965); a contract; and the file of Herman Gollub (Clavell’s editor) regarding King Rat, with numerous editorial notes from Gollub and Clavell’s responses.
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