Connelly, Marc (1890-1980)
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The Marc Connelly Collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, financial and legal material, research material, and other items.

Manuscripts by Connelly in the collection include plays, screenplays, book-length works, and other pieces.

Plays by Connelly in the collection include $2.50 (first produced in Pittsburgh, 1914); The Amber Empress (lyrics; produced at Globe Theatre, New York, 1916); Erminie (revision of operetta by Henry Paulton; first produced at Park Theatre, New York, 1921); Dulcy (with George S. Kaufman; first produced at Frazee Theatre, 1921); Merton of the Movies (with Kaufman; first produced at Cort Theatre on Broadway, 1922); Helen of Troy, New York (with Kaufman; first produced at Selwyn Theatre, New York, 1923); Beggar on Horseback (with Kaufman; first produced at Broadhurst Theatre on Broadway, 1924); Be Yourself (with Kaufman; first produced at Harris Theatre, New York, 1924); The Wisdom Tooth: A Fantastic Comedy (first produced at Little Theatre on Broadway, 1926); The Wild Man of Borneo (with Herman J. Mankiewicz; first produced at the Bijou Theatre, New York, 1927); How's the King? (first produced in New York, 1927); The Green Pastures (first produced at the Mansfield Theatre, New York, 1930); "The Survey" (skit published in the New Yorker magazine, 1934); The Farmer Takes a Wife (with Frank B. Elser; first produced at the Forty-Sixth Street Theatre on Broadway, 1934); Everywhere I Roam (with Arnold Sundgaard; first produced at the National Theatre, New York, 1938); The Traveler (Dramatists Play Service, 1939); The Flowers of Virtue (first produced at the Royale Theatre on Broadway, 1942); Story for Strangers (first produced at the Royale Theatre on Broadway, 1948); Hunter's Moon (first produced at the Winter Garden Theatre in London, 1958); and The Portable Yenberry (produced at the Purdue University Workshop, 1961).

Screenplays by Connelly in the collection include Exit Smiling (M-G-M, 1926); Captains Courageous (with others; M-G-M, 1934); and I Married a Witch (Paramount, 1936).

Book-length works by Connelly in the collection include his novel A Souvenir from Qam (Holt, 1965) and his memoir Voices Off-Stage: A Book of Memories (Holt, 1968).

Other manuscripts by Connelly include various introductions from the 1940s and 1950s and notes towards his memoirs.

Manuscripts by others in the collection include The Yearling, by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings; John Paul Jones, a screenplay by Jessie L. Lasky (dated 1956); Mahatma Gandi, by Gabriel Pascal (1951); The Same As Before, Only Worse, by George Kaufman and Ruth Goetz; Springboard to Nowhere, a play by Alexander Lidor; the first draft of "Glory Hale" by Sinclair Lewis and Lloyd Lewis; and various writings by Pearl S. Buck, Luther Davis, Ashley Dukes, Walter D. Edmonds, and L. A. G. Strong.

Correspondence in the collection is grouped and filed around various subjects, all arranged by Connelly. Subjects include: A Souvenir from Qam; Voices Off-Stage ; travel articles; movie outlines; humor and short pieces; play manuscripts; short plays, lyrics and verse; articles; reviews; personal correspondence between Connelly and his family, especially his mother; Holt Rinehart (publishers); The Authors League of America, including the American Dramatic and Dramatists Guild; and various other subjects. Notable correspondents includee Edna Ferber, John Mason Brown, James A. Michener, Adlai E. Stevenson, Howard Lindsay, Arthur Kober, Oscar Hammerstein II, Rudy Vallee, George S. Kaufman, F. P. Adams, Richard Aldrich, Douglas Fairbanks, H. W. Ross, and Lloyd Lewis.

Financial material in the collection is extensive, and covers most of Connelly's professional career. Most of the records concern the financing and revenue of Connelly's plays. Also included are several contracts, ledgers, bank statements, and tax statements.

Research material in the collection consists of various items collected by Connelly as background for his writings. Also present in the collection are subject files of various items grouped around a particular subject. The subjects of these files include the Writers Mobilization Project; the Writers' Congress of World War II; Lloyd Lewis; George Washington Carver; the Actors' Studio; and "The Case of Marcus Cook Connelly Against Robert W. Early Worm Co."

Other items in the collection include photographs, scrapbooks, the set design for Spring Legend, and audio recordings.

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