Cristofer, Michael (1945- )
The Michael Cristofer collection consists of manuscripts, research material, notebooks, correspondence, printed material, legal material, professional material, video, and audio.

Manuscripts by Cristofer include drafts of several screenplays and teleplays.  Titles include The Bonfire of the Vanities (1988-1990); Casanova (2002); Falling in Love (1983); Gentle Vengeance; Gia, with Jay McInerney (1996-1997); The Great American Belly Dance; Interview with the Vampire (1991); Less Than Zero (1986); Mr. Jones (1991-1993); Music, Inc. (1978); Original Sin (under the title Dancing in the Dark, 1998); The Rizzoli Affair; The Witches of Eastwick (1986-1987); the television series Rome (2003); and others.  Also included are stage plays by Cristofer.  Titles include Amazing Grace (1995); Black Angel (1977-1979); The Blues are Running (1995-1996); Breaking Up (1993-1995); C.C. Pyle and the Bunion Derby (1974, 1978, 1981-1996); La Goulve; Ice; Innocence; The Lady and the Clarinet (1980), including translations of the play into French and Spanish; The Plastic Fantastic Death and Birth In That Order of Arthur Flipps… (1968); Plot Counter Plot (1971); Rienzi (1966-1971); The Shadow Box (ca. 1977), including translations of the play into French and Swedish; The Trinity Follies (1987); and several others.  

Manuscripts by others in the collection include the screenplay Everest: Based on the May 1996 Everest Summit Attempt, by Mark Medoff (1998); Inner Voices, a stage play by Eduardo de Filippo (1983); screenplay draft fragments by Loring Mandel for an adaptation of John le Carré's novel The Little Drummer Girl (1993); Modigliani, a stage play by Dennis McIntyre; The Vampire Lestat, by Anne Rice (1998); and The Visit, a stage play by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, adapted by Maurice Valency; Chinchilla, a stage play by Robert David Macdonald; Conjuring an Event, a stage play by Richard Nelson; Savages, by Christopher Hampton (1974);  A Body of Water, a screenplay by Lee Blessing (2008); An Enemy of the People, a screenplay by Alexander Jacobs (1976); Vrooder's Hooch, a screenplay by Daryl Henry (1973); Knuckle, a teleplay by David Hare (1974); The Last of Mrs. Lincoln, a teleplay by James Prideaux (1975); End of Blame, a stage play by Howard Barker; and others.

Research material in the collection consists of files arranged by project name and/or subject.  The files include a combination of notes, abstracts, film treatments, newspaper and magazine clippings, correspondence, Internet printouts, photocopies, draft fragments, itineraries, and other documents.  Projects include Black Angel; Bonfire of the Vanities; Everest; Gia; and Rome.  Other subjects include Harry Houdini; pirates and piracy; Citizen Kane, and the Arabian Nights.

Notebooks in the collection include Cristofer's notes and drafts regarding various screenplays, teleplays, and stage plays, including Gia, Everest, Breaking Up, Life of an Honest Man, Harry Houdini, the Arabian Nights, acting, character, and other projects and subjects.

Correspondence in the collection consists of personal and professional letters to and from Cristofer, dating from 1978 to 1992.  In addition, several letters are interfiled with the manuscript drafts.

Printed material in the collection (1975-2001)  includes newspaper and magazine clippings regarding Gia, Trainspotting, Black Angel, Original Sin, Ice, and other topics.  Also present are various magazines and programs, as well as a photocopy of the first printed edition of The Shadow Box (1977) with Cristofer's handwritten corrections.  Also present is a movie poster for Original Sin.

Legal material in the collection consists of a file of documents regarding The Lady and the Clarinet (1982).
Professional material in the collection includes files of printed items, letters, and manuscripts regarding Casanova, Rome, Body Shots, casting, and plot notes.

Video recordings in the collection include VHS cassette tapes for Black Angel (1997), Body Shots (1999), Every Girl's Dream, Gia (1997), Kilronan (1996), Lust Night, and Original Sin (2000).  Also present are U-Matic cassette tapes for Candide (1981), C.C. Pyle, and Gia, as well as a digital video disc of Original Sin.

Audio recordings consist of cassette tapes regarding Bonfire of the Vanities (2 tapes, 1989); The Visit (2 tapes); and "#7" (1 tape).
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