Day, J. Edward (1914-1996)

The J. Edward Day collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, professional materials, printed materials, and other materials.

The collection includes manuscripts of speeches, introductions, and remarks made during Day’s tenure as Postmaster General, as well as manuscripts for his two novels. Included manuscripts document speeches made between 1959 and 1963. Items of note are a speech to the Federal Bar Association (1961), remarks from the International Ball (1962), a speech to the Traffic Club of Washington D.C. (1963), and a statement on budget reduction (1964). These manuscripts are marked with holograph corrections and insertions. Also included is Day’s introductory speech to post office personnel in holograph. Manuscripts for My Appointed Round: 929 Days as Postmaster General and Humor in Public Speaking contain holograph corrections, as well.

Correspondence in the collection is primarily professional and consists of letters to members of the Democratic Association of Los Angeles, the Democratic State Convention of California, and the Democratic National Convention. Also included are letters of appreciation sent to House and Senate members regarding his election and resignation. Notable correspondents include President John F. Kennedy, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, Ruth Montgomery, Hugh Evans, and Bill Stout.

The comprehensive collection of professional material includes staff reports (1962-63), reports to the President (1961-63), material from Post Office Department Advisory Board meetings (1961-63), United States Post Office annual reports (1961-62), and a U.S.P.O Special Report (1963). Additional material consists of minutes of meetings and statistics regarding U.S.P.O employment and the office of Postmaster General.

Printed materials relating to Day’s career are well-documented. Included are releases regarding his nomination, numerous articles addressing postal services, 14  U.S.P.O Department publications produced during Day’s tenure, and assorted clips on human interest stories of postmasters. Invitations, pamphlets, and programs from various fundraising campaigns are also included, as are magazine and newspaper clips of interviews and general publicity. 

Financial materials in the collection consist of statements from the Democratic Associates of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee, as well as financial figures from the P.O Department (1961-63). Receipts and records from Day’s political contributions during 1960-61 are also included.

Miscellaneous items include an autograph picture of Carlton R. Sickles with President Kennedy, Day’s leather-bound law degree certificate from the University of Nevada, and an amusing assortment of letters from children and the “Statehood for Moosylvania” group.

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1. Day, James Edward, 1914-
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