De Camp, L. Sprague (1907-2000)

The L. Sprague de Camp collection consists of manuscripts, printed material, and other items.

Manuscripts by de Camp in the collection include longer and shorter works. Manuscripts of de Camp’s historical fiction (all published by Doubleday) include the works The Bronze God of Rhodes (1960), The Arrows of Hercules (1963) and The Golden Wind (1969). Manuscripts of science fiction and fantasy works include Swords and Sorcery (edited by de Camp, Pyramid Press, 1963); The Fantastic Swordsmen (edited by de Camp, Pyramid Press, 1967); Conan the Warrior and Conan the Usurper, both written with Robert E. Howard (Lancer Books, 1967); and The Goblin Tower (Pyramid Press, 1968). Non-fiction manuscripts (all published by Doubleday except where noted) include Inventions and their Management, written with Alf K. Berle (International Textbook Company, 1959); The Heroic Age of American Invention (1961); The Ancient Engineers (1963); Ancient Ruins and Archaeology, written with de Camp’s wife Catherine Crook de Camp (1964); Spirits, Stars and Spells, written with Catherine Cook de Camp (Canaveral, 1967); The Story of Science in America, written with Catherine Cook de Camp (Scribner, 1967); The Great Monkey Trial (1968); The Day of the Dinosaur, written with Catherine Cook de Camp (1968); and Great Cities of the Ancient World (1972). Additional manuscripts in the collection include numerous radio scripts for Voice of America on various scientific subjects; several poems; contributions to fanzines; and numerous book reviews, articles, travel pieces, stories, and other items, including several unpublished writings.

Printed material in the collection is extensive. It primarily consists of the published versions of numerous stories and articles by de Camp in various periodicals, including several now-rare science-fiction and fantasy magazines and fanzines. These include Amra (edited and contibuted to by de Camp), Amazing Stories, Astounding Science Fiction (several issues dating 1937-1951), Beyond Fiction, Dynamic Science Fiction, Fantasy, Future (1951-1953), Galaxy: Science Fiction, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (1950-1968); Other Worlds (1952-1953), Science Fiction Adventures, Science Fiction Quarterly, Super Science Stories, Startling Stories, Thrilling Wonder Stories, Unknown Worlds (1939-1942), Weird Tales, Worlds of Science Fiction: If, The Arkham Collector, Analog, Exploring the Unknown, Fantastic Universe, Isis, Lands of Wonder, Yandro, Thona, Kipple, Wizard, Science Fiction Times, The WSFA Journal, and others. Additional periodicals with items by or about de Camp include American Speech: A Quarterly of Linguistic Usage (1936-1946); Le Maitre Phonetique (1937-1952), Natural History, The Saturday Review of Literature, and Scientific American .

Other material in the collection includes de Camp’s research material and notes for The Great Monkey Trial ; notes and writings on the subject of editing, finishing, and working with Robert E. Howard and his character “Conan the Barbarian”; and correspondence, including eight letters from de Camp to Lin Carter (1968).

Notable Figures
1. De Camp, L. Sprague (Lyon Sprague), 1907-2000
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