De Suze, Carl (1915-1998)
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The Carl de Suze collection consists of manuscripts, printed material, correspondence, photographs, memorabilia, and other items.

Manuscripts in the collection includes scripts for the lectures “Ireland - Green Edge of Tomorrow” (1964) and “Portugal - Windward to Discovery” (1965-1966), including de Suze’s notes; ten articles for the Boston Globe regarding a trip de Suze took to Africa; drafts for speeches; and poetry by de Suze.

Printed material in the collection includes several promotional posters and flyers regarding the Boston AM radio station WBZ; an invitation to the the 30th WBZ anniversary; programs from various lectures and ceremonies (1959-1987); and several programs, newspaper clippings, press releases, and published articles regarding de Suze, dating from the 1950s to the 1980s.

Correspondence in the collection includes several personal and professional letters, dating from 1953 to 1979.

Memorabilia in the collection consists of several awards including those from the Massachusetts Committee for United Nations Day (1950 and 1956); the town of Belmont, in appreciation of public service (1960); a declaration of Carl de Suze Day in New Hampshire (1961); the American Diabetes Association (1976); the American Marketing Association (1982); the Champion Media Awards for Economic Understanding (1982); Danny Thomas Award for merit; CARE certificate of merit; and the Publicity Club of Boston (1984).

Photographs in the collection include several prints of de Suze, alone and with others and at various events, dating from m. 1952 to m.1995.

Other material in the collection includes a coverage map for WBZ AM’s broadcast signal; professional material regarding WBZ; research material for “Ireland – Green Edge of Tomorrow”; and miscellaneous reel-to-reel audio recordings.

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1. de Suze, Carl
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