East, P.D. (1921-1971)
The P.D. East collection primarily consists of correspondence.  The list of his notable correspondents covers a wide array of individuals from all areas of American life.  They include entertainer Steve Allen and his wife, Jayne Meadows, Hodding Carter, Alan Knight Chalmers, Van Wyck Brooks, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., Maxwell Geismar, Upton Sinclair, Eleanor Roosevelt, Studs Terkel, Edward R. Murrow, and Roy Wilkins, to name a few.  There is also considerable correspondence from East to other newspaper editors and publishers from around the country. These include Harper’s Magazine, for which East wrote a column, Doubleday, Simon and Schuster, and Alfred A. Knopf, both the company and the man.  In addition, there is correspondence related to East’s “Magnolia Jungle” and his newspaper, The Petal Paper.

There is manuscript material related to his autobiographical “Magnolia Jungle,” from early draft material titled, “You Can’t Get There From Here,” through full drafts and galley proofs.  There is also manuscript material for an unpublished P. D. East novel titled A Cock for Ascelpius.  The collection also holds manuscripts for various talks and speeches given by East, including one called “Look Back in Pain.”

Printed material includes ephemera related to the civil rights movement in the form of newspapers, pamphlets, and other publications.  There are also articles and clippings on P. D. East, himself, as well as reviews of his book.  

Photographs in the collection ranging in date from the 1950s to the 1970s.  There are editorial reprints from the 1957 and 1959 editions of The Petal Paper, as well as Petal Paper copy for October, November, and December 1971 and January 1972.

The collection holds a number of bound copies of East’s The Petal Paper.  They include volumes 4 - 14 (1956-1967) as well as volume 17 (1969-‘70).  These are cataloged as part of our rare book library.
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