Eggerth, Martha (1912-2013) and Jan Kiepura (1902-1966)
The Martha Eggerth and Jan Kiepura collection consists of correspondence, printed material, audio recordings, and a photograph.

Correspondence in the collection includes: a card signed by Martha Eggerth (2000); a letter from Emmerich Kalman to Jan Kiepura, with a copy of Kiepura's response on the verso (1944); and a letter from Julius Raab to Kiepura and Eggerth (1954).

Printed material in the collection includes: an article about Kiepura and Eggerth in Opera Now (1994); an article about them from BBC Music Magazine (1998); an article about Eggerth, by Brian Kellow, published in Opera magazine (2005); and an article about Eggerth from the New York Times (2005).

Audio recordings in the collection consist of two compact discs, one by Kiepura (2000) and one by Eggerth (2004).

The photograph is a film still of Eggerth and Kiepura in the 1936 film Charm of La Boheme.
Notable Figures
1. Eggerth, Martha
2. Kiepura, Jan, 1902-1966
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