Elegant, Robert S. (1928- )
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The Robert S. Elegant collection includes manuscripts, printed materials, professional materials, correspondence, and other items.

Published works include The Dragon’s Seed (St. Martin’s, 1959), The Center of the World (Doubleday, 1964), A Kind of Treason (Holt, 1966), Mao’s Great Revolution (World Publishing, 1971), Mao vs. Chiang: The Battle for China (Grosset & Dunlap, 1972), Dynasty (McGraw, 1976), Manchu (McGraw, 1979), Mandarin (Simon and Schuster, 1983), White Sun, Red Star (published in New York as From a Far Land) (Hamish Hamilton, 1986), Pacific Destiny: Inside Asia Today (Crown, 1990), and The Everlasting Sorrow (Reed International, 1994). The collection also includes unpublished and shorter work of fiction and non-fiction by Elegant.

Printed items include clippings, newspapers, magazines and journals, press releases and reports, brochures, and other materials.

The collection also includes personal and professional correspondence written between 1954 and the 1990s.

Professional materials include notes, subject files, research materials, and other items.

The collection also includes notebooks, scrapbooks, financial and legal materials, and other items. 
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1. Elegant, Robert S.
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