Elman, Mischa (1891-1967)
The Mischa Elman collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, legal material, photographs, and other material.

Manuscripts in the collection consist primarily of speeches given by Elman, including "Fifty Years of Fiddling," "Twenty-five Years of Fiddling: As seen over the frog or A View from the Bridge," "Tribute to Fritz Kreisler's Art," a speech in honor of Fannie Hurst, a speech on the Natural Cultural Center, a speech to the faculty and student body of the University of North Carolina, and more.  

Also present are manuscripts by others, such as Waldemar Liachowsky's "Saul Elman, in memoriam," Arthur M. Abell's "Mischa Elman's Fiftieth Jubilee," and Theodore Spiering's "Sonata by Pietro Nardini." Numerous salutes, tributes, and eulogies for Elman are collected, as well.

Correspondence in the collection is documented extensively between 1894 and 1967, consisting of over 1,000 letters and telegrams from Elman's prominent friends, colleagues, politicians, public figures, and fans. Notables include Edward J. Kelly, Sol Hurok, Leopold Stokowski, Fannie Hurst, Eleanor Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and Jack Benny. Also present are invitations to perform at the White House, various inaugural events, and a reception given by the British Consul General.

Approximately 10,000 newsclippings and printed concert programs (1906-1967, many signed) document Elman's legendary international status. Additional citations and honorary degrees, 52 broadsides and advertisements, 8 posters, 21 magazines, and 8 press releases offer comprehensive coverage of Elman's performance career.

Legal material consists of Elman's marriage license, passport, and documents from Carl Fisher Music and ASCAP.

Photographs in the collection capture Elman's encounters with Toscanini, Al Smith, and others. Also present are more personal photographs of Elman's parents, wife, and children.

Miscellaneous items in the collection include a 10" record of Franz Drdla's "Souvenir," "Wonderful? Sure He Is" (an article by Elman's son regarding Elman's Carnegie Hall performance), a proclamation announcing Mischa Elman Day in San Francisco, and a Father's Day poem from Elman's granddaughter, Dana Mack.
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