Eveling, Stanley (1925-2008)

The Stanley Eveling collection includes manuscripts, printed material, corresopndence, and other items.

Manuscripts consist of stage plays by Eveling, including Our Sunday Times; Dear Janet Rosenberg, Dear Mr. Kooning; Mister (alternate title: Daddy); The Strange Case of Martin Richter; Come and Be Killed; The Albright Fellow; The Buglar Boy and his Swiss Friend; Better Days, Better Knights; Caravaggio Buddy; Dead of Night; Union Jack and Bonzo; and several others.  Other manuscripts include the radio plays Dance to Thy Daddy and The Time-piece; as well as several notebooks, essays, articles, notes and syllabi from his classes on philosophy, and other writings.

Printed material in the collection mostly consists of numerous reviews of various plays by Eveling, dating from 1963 to 2003.  Also present are the published versions of Eveling's television reviews for The Scotsman (1973-1993); and other items.

Correspondence in the collection consists of personal and professional letters to and from Eveling, dating from 1947 to 2012.  Present is Eveling's correspondence with various theatres, agents, publishers, and universities, in addition to his friends and family.

The collection also includes research material on various subjects; early writings as a student (1950-1952); and several computer disks, mostly containing Eveling's later writings (2005-2007).

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1. Eveling, Stanley, 1925-2008
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