Fitzgerald, Ella (1917-1996)
The Ella Fitzgerald collection primarily consists of several original musical scores (all jazz standards by Cole Porter, Richard Rodgers, and Lorenz Hart), arranged for Fitzgerald by Buddy Bregman, Nelson Riddle, and Buddy May. All the scores are signed by Fitzgerald. Each is also signed by its arranger, except for those arranged by May; those are signed by Harold Arlen, who composed most of those songs. The collection also includes fifteen black and white photographs (prints) of Fitzgerald alone or with others, including Nelson Riddle, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Pearl Bailey, Frank Sinatra, and Billy Eckstein. Additional material includes a recording of “Splanky,” by the Baltimore Jazz Orchestra; a clay base-relief of Fitzgerald’s face; and the program for the Times All-Star Swing Festival from 1972.
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1. Fitzgerald, Ella
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