Forrest, Richard (1932-2005)
The Richard Forrest collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, research materials, legal materials, and financial materials.

Manuscripts in the collection include novels, short stories, plays, speeches, and articles.  Novel manuscripts include Death on the Mississippi, Sign of Terror, Sign of Blood, The Death at Yew Corner, A Child's Garden of Death, Death Under the Lilacs, Lexi Lane, Appearance of Evil, Blast, The Dalton Dilemma, Fa├žade, Lorelei, Panda and Me, Predacted, Affinity With Death (Cackle Jackal), Booth's Diary, Death of a Connecticut Yankee (Death at King Arthur's Court), and Death in the Secret Garden.  Short story manuscripts are extensive and include "Attorney for the Damned," "The Bowling League Incident," "Cross Stitch on Don Bardino," "Family Friends," "The Headmaster Stops a Row," "Sailors Have More Fun," "Tea, Hemlock and Murder," and "A Very Private Screening," among others.  Plays include Cry for the Spring, Evensong, Nauvoo, The Sand House, and Swing in the Willows.  "Highwind Southward" (a pilot for the Semper Paratus series) and outlines for various speeches and creative writing seminars are collected, as well.  The collection also includes manuscripts for Forrest's Asahi Weekly serials.  Many of these titles are collected with holograph annotations, relevant fragments, synopses, and outlines.  Additional materials consist of Mary Forrest's Nursing Home, Christopher Murphy's Astarte, and two short stories, including "Epitaph for a Screwner" by William O'Neal and "Wind Wind Stallion" by Lee Evans.

The collection includes both personal and professional correspondence. Personal correspondence consists of exchanges with friends and family (1954-1994), as well as letters to the Office of the Registrar of the University of South Carolina, Lebanon Elementary School, Lebanon High School, and Lyman Memorial High School. Professional correspondence, collected between 1956 and 1999, concerns writings, publishing deals, appearances, appointments, and classes. Notables include J.B. Jackson, E.D. Brown, Brian Boland, Ellen A. Nehr, Paul R. Reynolds and Sons, Curtis Brown, Ltd., Beth Brickell, Maureen Baron, and Lyle Kenyon Engel. Emails with Asahi Weekly between 2000 and 2004 constitute additional professional correspondence.

Personal memorabilia in the collection consists of Forrest's test scores from the University of South Carolina, a U.S. Coast Guard identification card for William Forrest, a Social Security claimant's card, a copied birth certificate, and a DMV registration application.

The collection's printed materials consist of numerous reviews of Forrest's work and publications to which Forrest contributed, such as Mystery Monthly, Ellery Queen, Publishers Weekly, The Wall Street Journal, Better Health, Northeast Magazine, and Asahi Weekly. Articles regarding The Wizard of Death and Death Through the Looking Glass and twelve book jackets are also present. Four flyers and library listings for Mary Forrest's Nursing Homes: The Complete Guide are collected, as well.

Collected research files include outlines, reference sheets, and holograph notes regarding "Minor Chord" and "Marion Merrell Dow Managed Care Digest Long Term Care Edition," as well as assorted information and statistics regarding healthcare. Subject files on a variety of topics are also collected.

Legal materials in the collection include a passport, publicity booking confirmations, a contract provision, and a New America Library Proprietors Agreement.

Financial materials in the collection include money orders, royalty statements, a tax statement, two income tax returns, receipts, and various financial records (1978-1995).
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