Gallman, Waldemar J. (1899-1980)
The Waldemar J. Gallman collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, photographs and printed materials. All the items in the collection relate to Gallman's career as a diplomat.

Manuscripts in the collection primarily consist of several unpublished autobiographical works by Gallman, including South Africa, Dear Land; Baghdad (1955, revised 1978); a typed draft of Growing Pains In Foreign Affairs: Four Decades of Foreign Service (1967); Some Thoughts On Foreign Affairs: From the Sidelines (1972); and Salubrities I Have Met. Other book-length manuscripts by Gallman include typed drafts of Foreign Service Training Projects (Washington, D.C., 1968); and Mirrors: Along the Way to Outer Space, with illustrations.

Other manuscripts by Gallman in the collection include nearly thirty short pieces by Gallman regarding foreign service and diplomacy in Europe, the Middle East, Korea and the Philippines; about seventy speeches given by Gallman on foreign policy and world affairs between 1950 and 1971; course materials regarding U.S. Foreign Service training institutes in Korea, Vietnam, and the Philippines (1963-1970); some poems by Gallman; and notes Gallman made regarding his conversations and meetings with Korean and Vietnamese officials (1963-1968). In addition, there are drafts of an interview of Gallman by F. Gerald Handfield (1975).

Correspondence in the collection dates from 1935 to 1980, and mainly consists of pofessional letters from diplomats, government officials, and workers at the Asia Foundation. There are about 150 letters, with carbon copies of responses from Gallman. Notable correspondents include Dean Acheson, Clement Atlee, Winston Churchill, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Van Dao Huynh (Director, Cabinet of Vietnam, Ministry of Defense), Harry H. Pierson, Dean Rusk, Adlai Stevenson, and Sir Michael Wright (British Ambassador, Baghdad).

Photographs in the collection are mostly images of countries and embassies where Gallman was stationed. These include Africa, England, Central and South America, Iraq, Kuwait, Poland and Latvia, as well as some photos of events in the United States. Also present are photos of Gallman's swearing-in ceremony as Ambassador to South Africa in 1961, including several photos of Gallman with John Foster Dulles.

Printed materials in the collection include press releases by the United States regarding foreign policy in South Korea and the Mid-East; appointments of Gallman to different government positions in the 1940s; and also have certificates given to Gallman signifying appreciation for his services.

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1. Gallman, Waldemar J., 1899-1980
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