Gatenby, Rosemary (1918-2007)
The Rosemary Gatenby collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, and other items.

The collection includes manuscripts for novels, short stories, plays, articles, and other items -- many of which contain holograph annotations and various revisions.  Novel manuscripts, published by Dodd and Mead unless noted, include Evil is as Evil Does (Morrow, 1966), Aim to Kill (Morrow, 1968), Deadly Relations (Morrow, 1970), Hanged for a Sheep (1973), The Third Identity (1974), Season of Danger (1974), The Fugitive Affair (1976), The Nightmare Chrysalis (1977), and Whisper of Evil (1978). Incomplete and unpublished items, such as Encounter in Beijing, Fatal Error, Shadow of Wings, and Wolf in the Fold, are also present.  Short story manuscripts include "Inside Job: A Short Short Story," "Drama in Three Acts: A Short Short Story," "That Thy Days May be Long," "The Runner," "The Dark Goddess," "The Dachshund,"  "The Murdered Wife," and "The Suitor."  Play manuscripts include This Above All, Rebecca, and Trapped (a radio play).  Article manuscripts include "Writing a First Novel," "Anatomy of a Chapter," and "Oh, When Will Those Wedding Bells Chime?"  The collection also includes various speech manuscripts, notes and draft fragments, and Collected Poems by Rosemary White (a self-published piece of juvenilia).

Collected correspondence (1965-2004) consists primarily of letters to Morrow, Dodd&Mead, and The Writer regarding matters of editing and publishing. Other correspondence pertains to Gatenby’s collection at the Howard Gotlieb Archival Center and miscellaneous personal matters. Of particular note are letters from Dr. Howard Gotlieb and Bill Clinton.

Printed materials in the collection include magazines (1975-98), journals (1938-78), news clippings, publicity items, proofs, programs, as well as research for various novels. Items of note include an issue of Criterion (Pomona College’s literary magazine), book jackets, and foreign translations of Evil is as Evil Does.

Miscellaneous materials include assorted subject files, untitled notebooks, and scrapbooks containing clippings and photocopies (1974-1980).

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