Gerson, Noel B. (1914-1988)
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The Noel B. Gerson collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, legal materials, financial materials, scrapbooks, and other items.

The collection includes manuscripts for books, short stories, articles, plays, teleplays, radio scripts, and more.

Manuscripts for Gerson’s books are collected extensively, including fiction and non-fiction books, as well as works published under pseudonyms and ghost written by Gerson. Manuscripts include: That Egyptian Woman, Rock of Freedom, Roanoke Warrior, Mr. Madison’s War, Fortress Fury, Air Safety, Light-Horse Harry, The Silver Saber, I’ll Storm Hell, Jefferson Square, The Other Eden, Sam Houston, Mirror, Mirror, P.J. My Friend, By Choice, Not Chance, Victor Hugo, The Divine Mistress, Pillar of Fire, Talk Show, Let No Man Put Asunder, George Sand, The Prodigal Genius, Temptation to Steal, King of the Rascals, Lola Montez, Because I Loved Him: the Life and Loves of Lillie Langtry, and more.  Short story manuscripts include "Moment of Recognition," "Shut One Eye," "Model of Propriety," "Caribbean Crusader," and Gregor U. Alyuskin’s "I Was a Russian Secret Agent."  Article manuscripts include "The Truth about Inter-Racial marriage," "Too ‘Tired’ to Love," "The legend of Pocahontas and Capt. John Smith," ‘Magnificent Adventures of Henry Hudson," "What Every Wife Needs," "Why Husbands Become Lazy Lovers," "Do husbands Kiss Enough for Wives," "Kit Carson," "Your Sex Profile is Your Own," "Airline Safety is a Myth," "Dialogue: Authenticity and Character Development," "Fiction Techniques in nonfiction Writing," and an article on William H. Eaton for Encyclopedia Americana.
Collected play manuscripts include The Little Gods Laughed, Long Upon the Land, Not China Dishes, Shake the Heavens, and The He-Man.  Teleplays include Homecoming, The Marriage Expert, Mary Kay and Jonny, The Vase of Mei Lo, My Little Girl, Deadline, and Modern Romances.  Radio scripts include "Rags to Riches," "The Story of John Bitunjac," "Second Spring," "Hampton Hall," and "Frontiers."  Other items include The Naked Maja (screenplay), lyrics written for an unproduced musical version of Peter Pan, and general notes and outlines for various works.

Correspondence collected between 1956 and 1965 primarily documents editing and publishing efforts with Gerson’s agent and publisher. Notables include Ray Benson, Oliver Swan, Paul Reynolds, Arthur Orrmont, Timothy Seldes, Edward Darling, Thomas A. Bledsoe, Walter Lower, Beluah Harris, and Nat Greenberg.

The collection’s printed materials consist of advertisements, reviews, and dust jackets.

Legal materials in the collection include contracts for various books. Of note are signed carbon agreements for James Monroe, Warhead, By Choice, Not Chance, The River Devils, Rogue’s Regiment, The Divine Mistress, Damn the Torpedoes, Free and Independent, and others.

Financial materials consist of income tax statements and related Xeroxed forms, as well as sales charts for works dated from 1955 to 1963.

Collected scrapbooks contain news clippings, book reviews, publicity materials, book catalogs, programs, and assorted fan and business letters (1950-68).

Miscellaneous items include a list of New York City night-spots, eateries, and shops and five original pen and ink maps for The Magnificent Adventures of Henry Hudson.

Notable Figures
1. Gerson, Noel B. (Noel Bertram), 1914-1988
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