Gest, David (1940-2016)
The David Gest collection includes correspondence, printed materials, legal materials, financial materials, film and video items, photographs, and other materials.

Correspondence in the collection is widely varied and includes many letters that have no relation to Gest (some of which were composed before Gest’s birth). Notables include Liza Minnelli, Robert Aldrich, Jerry Dennon, Richard Deacon, Michael Caine, Doris Day, John Gielgud, Red Nichols, and Irving Stone. Professional correspondence to MCA and CBS is also present.

The collection includes wedding-related items from OK! Magazine, The New York Times, and The New York Post. Other printed materials include proofs of “The Performer Prepares” by Robert Caldwell, a signed program book from Sidney Poitier’s 20th Anniversary American Film Institute Life Achievement Award, and a poster from Palm Spring Weekend.

Collected legal materials consist of various contacts for television, film, concerts, records, advertisements, publishing rights, and more. Notables include Danny Aiello, Michael Caine, Ray Charles, Gary Cooper, John Cusack, Jeff Bridges, Doris Day, Richard Deacon, Phyllis Diller, Kirk Douglas, Jane Fonda, Benny Goodman, David Hasselhoff, Diane Keaton, Robert Mitchum, Rosie O’Donnell, Don Rickles, Mickey Rooney, Tom Skerritt, and others.

Financial materials in the collection include a 1963 tax return and signed expense sheet from Charles Aldrich, as well as a signed expense estimate belonging to Ed Traubrer.

The collection includes a variety of video cassettes (VHS) and DVDs of TV shows and films such as Hogan’s Heroes, The Drew Carey Show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gilmore Girls, The West Wing, The Shield, Scrubs, The Believer, Gilda Radner: It’s Always Something, Snow White, The Cranberries: Live in Paris, and others.

The collection’s photographs consist primarily of black and white headshots (some color) of notable actors and entertainers, including Lucille Ball (autographed), Warren Beatty, Lauren Bacall, Michael Bolton, Sally Fields, Ella Fitzgerald, Anthony Hopkins, Janet Leigh, Sophia Loren, Shirley MacLaine, Robert Mitchum, Paul Newman, David Niven, Brad Pitt, Ronal Reagan, Barbara Streisand, Donald Sutherland, Patrick Swayze, Orson Welles, and more. 

Other items include a manuscript for Jeff Chandler’s “Six Bridges to Cross,” a holograph guest list and lapel pin from the Gest/Minnelli wedding, and Gary Cooper’s application for a British visa.

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