Godden, Rumer (1907-1998)

The Rumer Godden collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, professional material, photographs, audio material, scrapbooks, printed material, and research material.

Manuscripts for novels by Godden in the collection include Chinese Puzzle (1936); The Lady and the Unicorn (1938); Rungli-Rungliot (Thus Far and No Further) (1944); The River (1946); An Episode of Sparrows (1955); The Greengage Summer (1958); The Battle of Villa Fiorita (1963); In This House of Brede (1969); The Peacock Spring: A Western Progress (1975); Five for Sorrow, Ten for Joy (1979); Coromandel Sea Change (1990); Pippa Passes (1994); and Cromartie v. The God Shiva: Acting Through the Government of India (1997).

Manuscripts for children’s books by Godden include The Mousewife (illustrated by D. Sainstbury; 1951); Impunity Jane: The Story of a Pocket Doll (illustrated by Adrienne Adams; 1954); The Fairy Doll (illustrated by A. Adams; 1956); Mouse House (illustrated by A. Adams; 1957); St. Jerome and the Lion (poems, illustrated by Jean Primrose; 1961); Little Plum (illustrated by J. Primrose; 1963); Home is the Sailor (illustrated by J. Primrose; 1964); The Kitchen Madonna (illustrated by Carol Barker; 1967); Operation Sippacik (illustrated by James Bryan; 1969); The Old Woman Who Lived in a Vinegar Bottle, adapted by Godden (illustrated by Mairi Hedderwick; 1972); Mr. McFadden’s Hallowe’en (illustrated by Ann Strugnell; 1975); The Rocking Horse Secret (illustrated by Juliet S. Smith; 1977); A Kindle of Kittens (illustrated by Lynne Byrnes; 1978); The Dragon of Og (illustrated by Pauline Baynes; 1981); The Valiant Chatti-Maker (illustrated by Jeroo Roy; 1983); Fu-Dog (illustrated by Valerie Littlewood; MacRae, 1989); Listen to the Nightingale (1992); Great Grandfather’s House (1993); Premlata and the Festival of Lights (1996); The Little Chair (1996); and the anthology Cockrow to Starlight (1996).

Manuscripts for other books authored or edited by Godden include In Noah’s Ark, a narrative poem (1949); Hans Christian Andersen: A Great Life in Brief, a biography (1954); Prayers from the Ark, poems by Carmen de Gasztold, translated by Godden (1962); The Creatures’ Choir, poems by Carmen de Gasztold, translated by Godden (1962); Reader’s Digest Book of Christmas (1965); Two Under the Indian Sun, an autobiography (Knopf, 1966); A Letter to the World: Poems for Young People, by Emily Dickinson, edited by Godden (illustrated by Prudence Seward; Bodley Head, 1968); The Raphael Bible, by Raphael, edited by Godden (1970); The Tale of the Tales: The Beatrix Potter Ballet (1971); The Butterfly Lions: The Story of the Pekingese in History, Legend and Art (1978); Gulbadan, Portrait of a Rose Princess at the Mughal Court, a biography (1981); A Time to Dance, No Time to Weep, an autobiography (1988); A House with Four Rooms, an autobiography (1989); Mercy, Pity, Peace, and Love, stories, written with Jon Godden (1989); A Pocket Book of Spiritual Poems (1996); and the unfinished collection The Little Fishes and Other Stories .

Manuscripts for dramatic works by Godden in the collection include the stage play version of Black Narcissus (1939-1941; the collection includes a manuscript of the screenplay version by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, filmed in 1947); the stage play A Fugue in Time (1945); the radio adaptation of The Doll’s House (broadcast in 1947); the screenplay version of Godden’s novel The River (adapted with Jean Renoir; United Artists, 1951); the stage play A Candle for St. Jude ; the teleplay adaptation of The Diddakoi, titled Kizzy (1974); the teleplay adaptation of A Doll’s House, titled Tottie; and the stage play The Dark Horse (1980).

The collection also includes manuscript material for the books Home-Made Trousers (1968) and Covent Garden (research material only) by James L. Haynes-Dixon, along with shorter pieces, such as articles, by Godden and others.

Professional material in the collection includes subject files for works by Rumer Godden, including several regarding works by Jon Godden. This series also contains files regarding topics and persons such as biographical data; Curtis Brown; works by Oliver Postgate; Hans Christian Anderson; and others.

Correspondence in the collection includes a few letters to and from Godden, dating from 1976 to 1977, including an exchange of letters between Godden and Eleanor Wolquitt; correspondence to Mary Thomas Sargent from Godden (1956-1959); and a telegram to Godden from the Herald Tribune (1964). Also present is correspondence to Elizabeth Vickland from Godden (1945), which includes a photocopy of the first five pages of the 1939 edition of Black Narcissus.

Photographs in the collection consist of black and white prints. Subjects include Carmen de Gasztold, as well as photo reproductions of pages from Prayers from the Ark and The Creatures’ Choir (both translated by Godden); a display for The Battle of the Villa Fiorita ; and Godden with cast members of the film Loss of Innocence (based on Godden’s novel The Greengage Summer ), including Kenneth More and Susannah York.

Audio material includes books on cassette, including The Greengage Summer (1958); Coromandel Sea Change (1991); and Pippa Passes (1994).

Scrapbooks in the collection include books with press cuttings, collected by Godden’s father; newspaper clippings; and a scrapbook titled “Notes on Writing,” by Jon and Rumen Godden.

Printed material in the collection includes the printed versions of stories and serials by Godden; titled include “No More Indians” in Harper’s Bazaar (1940); “You Needed to Go Upstairs” in Housewife (1943); “An Episode of Sparrows” in Homes and Gardens (1956); and “The Greengage Summer” in Housewife (1958).

Other printed material includes two reviews written by Godden; several reviews of Godden’s writings, as well as their adaptations into film and radio; a program for the world premiere of the film Black Narcissus at the Odeon Theatre (1942); publicity items; small books by Carmen de Gasztold, in French; and various other newspaper clippings and magazines.

Research material in the collection includes items regarding The Battle of the Villa Fioita; The Butterfly Lions; Gulbadan; Premlata and the Festival of Lights; The Valiant Chattimaker; A Candle for St. Jude; Cromartie v. the God Shiva; and other works.

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