Grafton, Sue (1940-2017)

The collection of Sue Grafton includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, professional material, research material, personal memorabilia, audio material, photographs, electronic media and scrapbooks among other material.

Manuscripts in the collection include novels, short stories, and screenplays by Grafton as well as novels, short stories, and poems by C.W. Grafton (Grafton’s father) and a novel and dissertation about Grafton. Manuscripts of Grafton’s novels include the published novels; “A” is for Alibi (1982), “B” is for Burglar (1985), “C” is for Corpse(1986), “D” is for Deadbeat (1987), “E” is for Evidence (1988), “F” is for Fugitive (1989), “G” is for Gumshoe (1990),“H” is for Homicide (1991), “I” is for Innocent (1992), “J” is for Judgment (1993), “K” is for Killer (1994), “L” is for Lawless (1995), “M” is for Malice (1996), “N” is for Noose (1998), “O” is for Outlaw (1999), “P” is for Peril (2001), “Q” is for Quarry (2002), “R” is for Ricochet (2004), “U” is for Undertow (2009), and Kinsey and Me (2013) and X (2015) as well as S. Grafton’s unpublished novel, The Broken. The collection contains titled and untitled short stories by Grafton including the short story “The Lying Game” (2003) which appeared in Lands’ End magazine. Several screenplays by Grafton appear in the collection, including Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, an adaptation of her father’s 1950 novel.

Novels by C.W. Grafton include the published novels The Rat began to Gnaw the Rope (1944), The Rope Began to Hang the Butcher (1944), My Name is Christopher Nagel (1947), and Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (1950) as well as his unpublished novels, The Butcher Began to Kill the Ox, and an untitled mystery. The collection also contains several of C.W. Grafton’s short stories and poems. Also included is the novel G is for Grafton (by Kaufman and Kay, 2000) and a dissertation by Kelly Russell titled “On the Axis Between Independence and Dependence: Sue Grafton’s Female Detective” (2004).

Correspondence in the collection includes personal and professional letters and emails to and from Grafton and her father. Letters contained in the collection consist of Grafton’s letters to Keziah Dane and Peter Owen Ltd (1967-70) and Holt, Reinhart, and Winston (1968-87) regarding agreements, royalties, and invoices. Also appearing in the collection is a ‘Mystery Writer’s Handbook’ containing approximately 35 letters to/from Grafton between 1989 and 1990. The correspondence of C.W. Grafton consists of letters to/from editors, fans, and agents. Emails include correspondence between Grafton and Putnam staff as well as edits for her novel “W” is for Wasted. Also included is a Christmas photo card sent to Grafton.

Printed material in the collection consists of page proofs, galley proofs, articles, catalogues, and flyers, among other material. Page proofs are included for the novels “B” is for Burglar, “C” is for Corpse, “D” is for Deadbeat, “E” is for Evidence, “F” is for Fugitive, “I” is for Innocent, “K” is for Killer, “L” is for Lawless, “M” is for Malice, “N” is for Noose, “O” is for Outlaw, “T” is for Trespass, and “U” is for Undertow. Galley proofs include “Q” is for Quarry, “P” is for Peril, “R” is for Ricochet, “S” is for Silence, “U” is for Undertow, “T” is for Trespass, “V” is for Vengeance, and “W” is for Wasted. Articles consist of reviews and periodicals on Grafton and her work. Catalogs include book catalogs mentioning Grafton’s novels and a Lands’ End catalog with short story by Grafton. Flyers include promotional flyers for “R” is for Ricochet and “Q” is for Quarry. Other materials include reviews of C.W. Grafton’s novels, news clippings of C.W. Grafton and his collection of clipped poems about Louisville, among other items.

Professional material consists of press kits and itineraries, among other material. Included is the press kit for “N” is for Noose as well as information regarding a 1989 book tour for “F” is for Fugitive which includes itineraries, ticket stubs, and letters. Also included is publicity and book tour information for her various novels.

Research material consists of notes and articles regarding research subjects, maps, news clippings, book notes and paper work for several novels, as well as plot outlines. Also included is a document titled “List of Places used in Series and Their Real-Life Equivalent”.

Audio material consists of audio books, interviews, and one lecture. Audio books include recordings of Grafton’s novels, “I” is for Innocent, “M” is for Malice, and “R” is for Ricochet. The collection includes various interviews of Grafton as well as a recording of a lecture given by her at the HGARC in 2004.

Photographs in the collection include black and white photographs of Grafton from the mi- to-late 1970s, a photograph of the Grafton daughters as children, and several photographs of or belonging to C.W. Grafton.

Electronic media consists of floppy disks containing several drafts of Grafton’s novels, “M” is for Malice, “N” is for Noose, “O” is for Outlaw, “P” is for Peril, “Q” is for Quarry, and “R” is for Ricochet, as well as research notes for these novels.

Scrapbooks in the collection include two scrapbooks pertaining to the work of C.W. Grafton. The first consists of material regarding his novel, The Rat Began to Gnaw the Rope, and the second consists of materials regarding his novel, The Rope Began to Hang the Butcher.

Personal memorabilia consists of eight book jackets for mystery novels, C.W. Grafton’s wallet with several items inside, and a baseball cap.

Other material includes two diary entries by Grafton regarding her novels “D” is for Deadbeat and “E” is for Evidence

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