Hamlin, Sonya (1923- )
The Sonya Hamlin collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, professional materials, research materials, audio materials, film and video, photographs, and other materials.

The collection includes manuscripts for Hamlin’s books: What Makes Juries Listen, What Makes Juries Listen Today, and How to Talk So People Listen, collected in various chapters, fragments, and drafts. Other manuscripts include articles, speeches, poetry, and TV scripts, as well as works by other authors. 

Collected correspondence is largely personal. Letters, cards, and telegrams include fan mail, letters to family members, and condolence letters regarding the death of her husband. Notables include Dr. Howard Gotlieb, Foster Furcolo, John Silber, Margaret Heckler, Michael S. Dukakis, Robert Drinan, Edward W. Brook, and Anthony Anthanas. Of particular interest is a Christmas card from Christopher Plummer. The majority of professional correspondence concerns letters sent by Hamlin to various judges, including Marvin Aspen, Sandra L. Lynch, Richard S. Arnold, and David M. Ebel, among others. Also present are letters between Hamlin and guests and co-hosts of The Sonya Hamlin Show, such as Polly Bergen, Avery Corman, Betty Furness, and John K. Galbraith.

The collection includes a number of awards presented to Hamlin: a Certificate of Commendation from Massachusetts Association for Mental Health, Inc.; a 1955 Presidential Citation from the Jewish Community Center of Greater Lynn; a Hadassah Service Award; a 1974 Community Service Broadcasting Award for "Sally’s Baby"; and a 1970 Ohio State Award for Eyewitness News Cultural Affairs Reports. Additional materials include a water-color of Paris and Hamlin Show miscellany.

Printed materials in the collection include assorted clippings, programs, publicity files, newsletters, magazines, booklets, pamphlets and brochures, advertisements, and more. Items cover a wide variety of subjects: clippings regarding the Boston Symphony Orchestra are collected alongside blank postcards of the Great Wall of China, and pamphlets containing information about Sweden accompany materials from judges’ conferences and legal affairs. Also included are proofs for How to Talk So People Listen and What Makes Juries Listen and articles that appeared in The New York Times, Savvy, The Compleat Lawyer, The Wall Street Journal, and other publications.

Collected professional materials include notes, outlines, research material, video, and other general files pertaining to Hamlin Show, Meet the Arts, Sunday Open House Show, and China: A Different Path. Other items include reports, graphs, contact lists, answers to electronic queries, and appointment books, as well as various subject files. Materials regarding the Koch vs. Koch Industries, Inc. court case—memorandums, statements, rebuttals, invoices, agreements, plaintiff and defense exhibits, and more—are also present.

Research materials in the collection consist of transcripts, lawyer image documents, speeches, questionnaires, and information on China. 

Audio materials are recorded on cassettes, reel tapes, 8-tracks, and LPs. Monologues, interviews, meetings, workshops, promotional materials, television specials, and assorted Hamlin Show and For Women Today broadcasts (1972-77) are all included, as are recordings of What Makes Juries Listen Today and other materials.

Legal materials in the collection include insurance files pertaining to Fireman’s Fund, NELI, Paul Revere, John Hancock, and Harbridge House.

Collected financial materials consist largely of contracts and receipts.

The collection’s film and video selections appear on various formats: U-matic and VHS tapes, 2" tapes, 16mm reels, mini-DV tapes, and Super-8 film transfers. While most materials are professional—relate to Hamlin Show, Sunday Open House, Meet the Arts, For Women Today, Good Morning New York, and other broadcasts—tapes documenting family trips are also present. Video consultant work for the Prudential Insurance Company, Speak Up and Listen installments, and Longleat: Visit to a Stately Mansion and the Marquess of Bath constitute additional materials.
Photographic materials are collected in prints, slides, negatives, and contact sheets. Photos follow no particular trend—including representations of Napoleon, publicity shots, and photos from a dinner party, lecture, and Dartmouth University. Other photos filed under "Fat People" document a Hamlin Show segment on weight loss.

Other items in the collection include four scrapbooks (1960-80), which contain clippings, professional documents, and personal materials. Also present is a large oil portrait of Hamlin by Ellen Cavanaugh.
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