Hardman, Della (1922-2005)

NOTE: All or part of this collection is stored off-site. Several days' advance notice is required for retrieval.

The Della Brown Taylor Hardman collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, professional materials, research materials, legal materials, financial materials, film and video, audio materials, photographs, artwork, notebooks, electronic media, scrapbooks, personal memorabilia, and miscellaneous items.

The collection includes manuscripts for short stories, speeches, essays, poems, and dissertations, as well as various notes and works by other authors. Of particular note is Hardman’s William Edouard Scott Remembered: Lessons from a Remarkable Life.

Correspondence is collected across the century, dating from the 1900s to 2014. Both personal and professional, the collection includes letters to family, close friends, and important cultural figures. Notables include Leslie Adams, John W. Dean III, John D. Rockefeller IV, Andrea L. Taylor (Hardman’s daughter), William Wallace, and Melvin L. Watt among many others.

Printed materials include clippings (1941-2014), newspapers (1964-2013), magazines (1981-2005), newsletters and fliers (1958-2014), programs (1907-2014), pamphlets (1921-2002), booklets (1965-2002), maps, book excerpts, postcards, printouts, calendars, bookmarks, web print outs, and posters.

Professional material includes teaching materials, meeting agendas, directories, travel itineraries, grants and proposals, press kits, business cards, email lists, address lists, personnel lists, research of consultants, and resumes. Also present are extensive subject files concerning subjects of varying interest, scale, and importance—from Nina Simone to Tiger Woods, from NAACP to the Dukes County Historical Society.

Research materials consist of dissertations, bibliographies, library search results, article summaries, notecards, and information regarding Jesse Jackson presidential campaigns.

Legal materials in the collection (1943-96) include deeds, mortgage agreements, insurance
agreements, wills, and birth, marriage, and death certificates. Of particular interest are fragments of Hardman’s Last Will and Testament; real estate licenses, and notarized bills of sale conferring property ownership to Hardman.

Financial materials includes loans, receipts, bills, investment materials, ledgers, tax information, bank statements, stock certificate books, check record books, tax forms, and time share information.

Film and video items are recorded on DVDs, VHS tapes, and 16 mm film reels. Filmed programs capture figures such as Alex Haley, Bill Clinton, Nat King Cole, Maya Angelou, and Ted Koppel.
Audio materials, contained on both cassette tapes and CDs, document both professional and personal occurrences, from an interview with Joan Scott Wallace to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Photographs in the collection include slides, negatives, and color and black and white prints feature happenings in a wide range of locations including Africa, France, Haiti, Italy, Korea, and Greece. Personal albums document Hardman’s honeymoon, travels, and family dinners and holidays. Noteworthy photographs capture Hardman with Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson, John Kerry, Barack Obama, and John Edwards.  

Collected artwork includes charcoal portraits, children’s drawings, painted cards, blueprints, and a Martha’s Vineyard cartoon. Items of interest include a C. Welch ink print and Riuku Saito paintings.

The collection includes notebooks that Hardman kept between 1932 and 1985, as well as journals, diaries, and address books. Of special note are notebooks containing Hardman’s poetry, notes, pencil sketches, and water-color paintings.

Electronic media consists of collected CD-ROMs contain assorted files pertaining to Hardman.

Scrapbooks are collected at length and touch on a wide range of subjects, personal and professional. Personal scrapbooks document Hardman’s marriage and family (1973-2006), while professional notebooks feature subjects such as Bill Clinton and Oak Bluffs. Additional scrapbooks include autographs and inscribed printed items from figures such as Duke Ellington, Charles Bronson, Wilt Chamberlain, Harry Belafonte, Coretta Scott King, Dionne Warwick, and many more. “A Flower for Della,” a Shel Silverstein original drawing, stands out among scrapbooked items.

Personal memorabilia in the collection consist of juvenilia, awards, and other items. Juvenilia includes yearbooks, report cards, school artwork, a teacher’s log (1941-1952), registration forms, athletic varsity letter, Kent State University Diploma. Awards include the NAACP Award for Dr. Mary C. Thompson; the Charleston Job Corps. Center Award of Merit; the West Virginia Ambassador of Public Service; and the National Black College Alumni Hall of Fame among others.  Also included is a Dr. Mary Wright trophy, engraved Sheaffer pens, a West Virginia State University clock, a West Virginia license plate, ticket stubs, recipe cards, clothing made by Hardman, a mold of Hardman’s daughter Andrea’s baby shoes, and miscellaneous information regarding a trip to Korea.

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