Harrington, Joseph (1903-1980)
The Joseph Harrington collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, and a photograph.

Collected manuscripts include novels and novellas, short stories, and articles. Manuscripts are marked heavily with holograph corrections and notes.

Collected novel manuscripts include The Last Known Address (1965), Blind Spot (1966), The Last Doorbell (1969)—all published by Lippincott. Additional items include The Gutter Side of Page (unpublished) and "Even A Lady Can Drive One" (novella).

Collected short story manuscripts include both published and unpublished items. Collected published titles include "The Arrogant Mr. Adams," "Bait," "The Belle of Tucson," "Clam-Digger," "Corsage by Pierre," "The Different Twist," "Ethics are Funny Things," "Etiquette of the Duel," "The Eyes and ears of the Army," "Forty Words," "Friends of Your Father," "Dear," "The Gayest Spot in Town," "Goats," "Grandfather Was Hanged," "The Gregarious Goats of Harden House," "The Guerilla," "Hell’s Kitchen," "Hotel Brat," and many more.

These stories appeared in publications such as Cosmopolitan, Liberty, This Week, Redbook, and Saturday Evening Post. Unpublished manuscripts include "The Air Conditioned Subway," "Always Complications," "A Bad Place to Die," "Birth of a Press Agent," "The Composition," "Dear Peach," "Directed Verdict," "The Expert," "Fall of a Titan," "Giddy Young Thing," "He Walked Again," "The Heart-Breaker," and others.

Untitled articles and fragments are also collected.

Correspondence in the collection includes letters from Harrington’s agent, publishers, and editor (1931-1966) and letters from readers (1943).

Printed materials include newspaper and magazine tearsheets containing Harrington’s work from publications such as This Week, Sondag, and Dansk Familie Blad. Complete issues of American, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Liberty, Redbook, Reader’s Digest, Modern Woman, Courage, M&M News, Ladies Home Journal, Colliers, The Saturday Evening Post, McCall’s, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, Good Housekeeping, WNYF, The Star Weekly, Il Giallo Mondadori. Reviews and publicity items are present, as well.

The collection also includes a glossy black and white print of Harrington.
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