Haskins, James (1941-2005)
The James Haskins collection consists of manuscripts, research material, correspondence, audio recordings, printed material, and other items.

Manuscripts by Haskins in the collection are numerous. Most titles include variant drafts, as well as research material; some also include proofs, correspondence, or other related items. Books include Diary of a Harlem School Teacher (Grove, 1969); Resistance: Profiles in Nonviolence (Doubleday, 1970); Revolutionaries: Agents of Change (Lippincott, 1971); The War and the Protest: Vietnam (Doubleday, 1971); Religions (Lippincott, 1971); From Lew Alcindor to Kareem Abdul Jabbar (Lothrop, 1972); A Piece of the Power: Four Black Mayors (Dial, 1972); Profiles in Black Power (Doubleday, 1972); Pinckney Benton Stewart Pinchback: A Biography (Macmillan, 1973); Jokes from Black Folks (Doubleday, 1973); Black Manifesto for Education, edited by Haskins (Morrow, 1973); The Psychology of Black Language, written with Hugh F. Butts (Barnes & Noble, 1973); Witchcraft, Mysticism and Magic in the Black World (Doubleday, 1974); Street Gangs: Yesterday and Today (Hastings House, 1974); Jobs in Business and Office (Lothrop, 1974); Adam Clayton Powell: Portrait of a Marching Black (Dial, 1974); Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron: The Home Run Kings (Lothrop, 1974); Ralph Bunche: A Most Reluctant Hero (Hawthorne, 1974); Snow Sculpture and Ice Carving (Macmillan, 1974); The Creoles of Color of New Orleans (Crowell, 1975); The Consumer Movement (F. Watts, 1975); Fighting Shirley Chisholm (Dial, 1975); The Picture Life of Malcolm X (F. Watts, 1975); Dr. J: A Biography of Julius Irving (Doubleday, 1975); Your Rights, Past and Present: A Guide for Young People (Hawthorne, 1975); Pele: A Biography (Doubleday, 1976); The Story of Stevie Wonder (Doubleday, 1976); Always Movin' On: The Life of Langston Hughes (F. Watts, 1976); The Long Struggle: The Story of American Labor (Westminster, 1976); A New Kind of Joy: The Story of the Special Olympics (Doubleday, 1976); Barbara Jordan (Dial, 1977); The Life and Death of Martin Luther King, Jr. (Lothrop, 1977); The Cotton Club (Random House, 1977); The Great American Crazies, written with Kathleen Benson and Ellen Inkelis (Condor Publishing, 1977); Who Are the Handicapped? (Doubleday, 1978); George McGinnis: Basketball Superstar (Hastings House, 1978); Bob McAdoo: Superstar (Lothrop, 1978); Real Estate Careers (F. Watts, 1978); Gambling --Who Really Wins? (F. Watts, 1978); Voodoo and Hoodoo: Their Tradition and Craft as Revealed by Actual Practitioners (Stein & Day, 1978); The Stevie Wonder Scrapbook, written with Kathleen Benson (Grosset & Dunlap, 1978); Scott Joplin: The Man Who Made Ragtime, written with Kathleen Benson (Doubleday, 1978); The Quiet Revolution: The Struggle for the Rights of Disabled Americans, written with J. M. Stifle (Crowell, 1979); Andrew Young: Man with a Mission (Lothrop, 1979); James Van DerZee: The Picture Takin' Man, illustrated by James Van DerZee (Dodd, 1979); The New Americans: Vietnamese Boat People (Enslow Pubs., 1980); "Magic": A Biography of Earvin Johnson (Enslow Pubs., 1981); The Child Abuse Help Book, written with Pat Connolly (Addison Wesley, 1981); Black Theatre in America (Crowell, 1982); The New Americans: Cuban Boat People (Enslow Pubs., 1982); Katherine Dunham (Coward-McCann, 1982); Sugar Ray Leonard (Lothrop, 1982); Werewolves (Lothrop, 1982); The Guardian Angels (Enslow Pubs., 1983); Donna Summer (Atlantic Monthly Press, 1983); Lena: A Personal and Professional Biography of Lena Horne, written with Kathleen Benson (Stein & Day; 1983); Bricktop, written with Bricktop (Atheneum, 1983); Space Challenger: The Story of Guion Bluford, an Authorized Biography, written with Kathleen Benson (Carolrhoda, 1984); Richard Pryor, a Man and His Madness: A Biography (Beaufort Books, 1984); Nat King Cole, written with Kathleen Benson (Stein & Day, 1984); About Michael Jackson (Enslow Pubs., 1985); Diana Ross: Star Supreme (Viking, 1985); Leaders of the Middle East (Enslow Pubs., 1985); Break Dancing (Lerner Publications, 1985); Double Dutch, written with David A. Walker (Enslow Pubs., 1986); The Statue of Liberty: America's Proud Lady (Lerner, 1986); Black Music in America: A History through Its People (Crowell, 1987); Queen of the Blues: A Biography of Dinah Washington (Morrow, 1987); Corazon Aquino: Leader of the Philippines (Enslow Pubs., 1988); The Sixties Reader, written with Kathleen Benson (Viking, 1988); The Magic Johnson Story (Enslow Pubs., 1988); Shirley Temple Black: From Actress to Ambassador, illustrated by Donna Ruff (Puffin Books, 1988); Bill Cosby: America's Most Famous Father (Walker, 1988); Mabel Mercer: A Life (Atheneum, 1988); Winnie Mandela: Life of Struggle (Putnam, 1988); Mr. Bojangles: The Biography of Bill Robinson (Morrow, 1988); India Under Indira and Rajiv Gandhi (Enslow Pubs., 1989); Hamp: An Autobiography, written with Lionel Hampton (Warner Books, 1989); Black Dance in America: A History through Its People (Crowell, 1990); The Autobiography of Rosa Parks, written with Rosa Parks (Dial, 1990); Scatman: An Authorized Biography of Scatman Crothers, written with Helen Crothers (Morrow, 1991); Christopher Columbus: Admiral of the Ocean Sea (Scholastic, 1991); Outward Dreams: Black Inventors and Their Inventions (Walker, 1991); Thurgood Marshall: A Life for Justice (Holt, 1992); Colin Powell: A Biography (Scholastic, 1992); I Am Somebody! A Biography of Jesse Jackson (Enslow Pubs., 1992); I Have a Dream: The Life and Words of Martin Luther King (Millbrook Press, 1992); The Day Martin Luther King, Jr. Was Shot: A Photo History of the Civil Rights Movement (Scholastic, 1992); Amazing Grace: The Story behind the Song (Millbrook Press, 1992); One More River to Cross: The Story of Twelve Black Americans (Scholastic, 1992); The March on Washington (HarperCollins, 1993); Get On Board: The Story of the Underground Railroad (Scholastic, 1993); Hippocrene U.S.A. Guide to the Historic Black South: Historical Sites, Cultural Centers, and Musical Happenings of the African-American South, written with Joann Biondi (Hippocrene, 1993); The Scottsboro Boys (Holt, 1994); The Headless Haunt and Other African-American Ghost Stories, retold by Haskins and illustrated by Ben Otera (HarperCollins, 1994); Hippocrene U.S.A. Guide to Black New York, with Joann Biondi (Hippocrene, 1994); The Freedom Rides: Journey for Justice (Hyperion Books for Children, 1995); Black Eagles: African Americans in Aviation (Scholastic, 1995); The Day They Fired on Fort Sumter (Scholastic, 1995); African Beginnings, written with Kathleen Benson, illustrated by Floyd Cooper (Lothrop, 1995); Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam (Walker and Co., 1996); The Harlem Renaissance (Millbrook Press, 1996); Bayard Rustin: Behind the Scenes of the Civil Rights Movement (Hyperion Books for Children, 1997); Power to the People: The Rise and Fall of the Black Panther Party (Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers, 1997); Spike Lee: By Any Means Necessary (Walker, 1997); Separate, But Not Equal: The Dream and the Struggle (Scholastic, 1997); Moaning Bones: African-American Ghost Stories, retold by Haskins and illustrated by Felicia Marshall (Lothrop, 1998); Black, Blue, & Grey: African Americans in the Civil War (Simon & Schuster, 1998); African American Military Heroes (Wiley, 1998); African American Entrepreneurs (Wiley, 1998); Distinguished African American Political and Governmental Leaders (Oryx Press, 1999); Bound for America: The Forced Migration of Africans to the New World, written with Kathleen Bowen, illustrated by Floyd Cooper (Lothrop, 1999); The Exodusters (Millbrook Press, 1999); The Geography of Hope : Black Exodus from the South after Reconstruction (Millbrook Press, 1999); Out of the Darkness: The Story of Blacks Moving North, 1890-1940, written with Kathleen Benson (Benchmark Books, 2000); Carter G. Woodson: The Man Who Put "Black" in American History, written with Kathleen Benson (proofs; Millbrook Press, 2000); Building a New Land, written with Kathleen Benson (HarperCollins, 2001); Conjure Times: Black Magicians in America, written with Kathleen Benson (Walker & Company, 2001); Toni Morrison: The Magic of Words (Millbrook Press, 2001); Champion: The Story of Muhammad Ali, illustrated by Eric Velasquez (proofs, Walker, 2001); and The House that Jack Built: My Life Story as a Trailblazer in Broadcasting and Entertainment, written with Hal Jackson (Amistad Press, 2001). Books in the Count Your Way Through... series (all published by Carolrhoda) include China, illustrated by Martin Skoro (1987); Japan (1987); Russia (1987); The Arab World, illustrated by Martin Skoro (1987); Mexico, illustrated by Helen Byers (1989); Canada, illustrated by Steve Michaels (1989); Africa, illustrated by Barbara Knutson (1989); Korea, illustrated by Dennis Hockerman (1989); Israel, illustrated by Rick Hanson (1990); India, illustrated by Liz Brenner Dodson (1990); Italy, illustrated by Beth Wright (1990); Germany, illustrated by Helen Byers (1990); Greece, written with Kathleen Benson, illustrated by Janice Lee Porter (1996); France, written with Katlheen Benson, illustrated by Andrea Shine (1996); Ireland, written with Kathleen Benson, illustrated by Beth Wright (1996); and Brazil, written with Kathleen Benson, illustrated by Liz Brenner Dodson.

Additional manuscripts by Haskins in the collection include drafts, research, and proofs regarding The Jazz Age in Paris, an exhibition with the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Services which opened in 1997; several unpublished works, including books regarding Julian Bond, James B. Eads, aging, and other subjects; and various non-fiction articles, short stories, book reviews (mainly for the Gainesville Sun ), and book proposals. Manuscripts by other authors are also present in the collection.

Research material not included with the above titles includes interviews (recordings and transcripts), clippings, notes, correspondence, and other documents. Subjects include Nat King Cole, The Jazz Age in Paris, Cecil Poole, African-American magicians; and other topics.

Correspondence in the collection consists of numerous personal and professional letters, dating from 1971 to 1994. Several pieces of fan mail are also present.
Audio recordings in the collection primarily consist of interviews conducted by Haskins for research purposes. Notable interview subjects include Bricktop (several recordings), Toni Morrison, Aretha Franklin, Katherine Dunham, Stevie Wonder, Donna Summer, Jabbo Smith, Brock Peters, Earl Anthony, Bayard Rustin, Jesse Jackson, Jules Kolodney, Scatman Cruthers, and others. Also present are recordings of radio appearances and other items.

Other material in the collection includes printed material, office files, legal material, professional material, photographs, and Haskins’ diary for August of 1970.
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