Heald, Tim (1944-2016)
The Tim Heald collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, professional materials, research materials, legal materials, financial materials, journals and diaries, audio material, photographs, and electronic media.

Collected manuscripts consist primarily of Heald’s full-length works: Brought to Book, Business Unusual, Dorothy Rigby, The Duke, A Life of Love, Miller’s Tales, Red Herrings, By Appointment, Beating Retreat: Hong Kong Under Its Last Governor, Suites at the Oriental, Bangkok: Pictures of Different Hotel Suites, A Life of Love, Barbara Cartland, Death and the D’urbevilles, Death and the Visiting Fellow, A Death on the Ocean Wave, Princess Margaret: A Life Unraveled, and Royal Warrant. The Newest London Spy and A Classic English Crime—both edited by Heald—are present, as well.

Additional manuscript items include teleplays, short stories, essays, speeches, reviews, outlines, and fragments. Also present are works by other authors, including Royston Crow’s Prank, Julian Rathbone’s "Damned Spot," and David Williams’ "Take Two Husbands."

Correspondence collected between 1965 and 2008 is both personal and professional. Of particular note is a letter from former Prime Minister John Major.

The collection’s personal memorabilia includes Gold Star Holidays tickets and an "I Love My Weekend" bag.

Printed materials in the collection include proofs, programs, printouts, newsclippings, newsletters, booklets, and other items. Items of interest include a flier announcing Heald as the speaker for The Daphne du Maurier Festival of Arts and Literature and a booklet pertaining to the Old Shirburnian Society, for which Heald acted as president. A Xeroxed drawing of Heald by James Cleaver is also present.

Collected professional materials consist of notes, contacts, itineraries, press releases, and other items—such as agendas and meeting minutes regarding the Arnold and Brackenbury Society.

Research materials for Beating Retreat include itineraries, reports, speeches, and publications such as Dateline Hong Kong, Migrant Focus, Bulletin, and Squire News. Holograph notes regarding British politics and government are collected, as well.

The collection’s legal materials include insurance documents, a divorce certificate, US tax exemption forms, memorandum agreements, privacy and copyright issues, and libel reports regarding Princess Margaret. Additional items include documents regarding Christie’s and contracts dating from 1989 to 1991.

Financial documents in the collection consist of receipts, ticket stubs, credit card statements, bills, checks, invoices, and bank statements (1997-99).

Notable journals and diaries include a "Groucho Club" day planner, which contains holograph notations.

Also present are notebooks containing research notes and miscellaneous writings.
Collected audio materials are recorded on audio cassettes—one of which contains an interview with Heald.

Photographs in the collection include assorted color prints, some of which pertain to Princess Margaret.

Also collected are two floppy disks dated August 2003 and April 2004.
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