Healey, Ben (1908-1993)
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The Ben Healy collection includes manuscripts and printed materials.

The collection includes manuscripts for novels and other items. Collected novel manuscripts, published by Robert Hale Ltd. unless noted, include The Terrible Pictures (Harper & Row, 1967), Death in Three Masks (1967), The Millstone Men (1966), Murder Without Crime (1968), The Red Head Herring (1969), The Sleeping Cupid (Daily Mirror Newspapers Ltd., 1967), The Trouble with Penelope (1972), The Vespucci Papers (1972), The Village of Rogues (Macmillan, 1972), A Gardener’s Guide to Plant Names (Scribners, 1972), A Wicked Way to Die (London, Macmillan, 1973), The Stone Baby (Lippincott, 1973), The Horstmann Inheritance (Munich, Goldman, 1974), The Plant Hunters (Scribners, 1975), The Wilful Lady (Macmillan, 1975), The Blanket of the Dark (1976), Captain Havoc (1976), A Conspiracy of Poisons (under pseudonym Jeremy Sturrock, 1977), The Snapdragon Murders (1978), The Captain of Chasseurs (under Sturrock, 1980), Havoc in the Indies (1979), Last Ferry from the Lido (1981), and The Thistlewood Plot (under J.G. Jeffreys, 1987). Waiting for a Tiger, The Coming Bourgeois Revolution, The Night of the Traitors, and The Most Wicked Bianca constitute additional items. 

Also present are television scripts for numerous episodes of the Black Arrow television show, A Gardener’s Guide (non-fiction), and Aphrodite Limited (screenplay).

Printed items include German and Spanish translations of Waiting for a Tiger.
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