Heath, Catherine (1924-1991)
The Catherine Heath collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, and a photograph.

The collection includes manuscripts for novels, articles and short stories, plays and screenplays, and poetry.

Collected novel manuscripts, often marked with holograph corrections, include Stone Walls (A Pretty Sort of Prison), Lady on the Burning Deck, Joseph and the Goths (Goths and Vandals), The Grander Virtues, Behaving Badly, My Harp to the Party, and Bringing Up Dragons.

Collected articles and short stories include "Annie Brown," "The Childless Wife," "The Love I Want," "Myself When Young," "Definition," and more.

Collected plays and screenplays include journey to Britain and Scorpio Make Seeks Libran Mate.
Collected poetry includes "Forced Journey," "Beach Scene," ‘"Illusions," "The Traveler," "Assurance First," "Peasants are Wiser," "Ballad of Beckenham or Cheam," "The True End of Marriage," and "Age," among others.

Miscellaneous notebooks, poems, articles, short stories, and fragments complete the manuscript collection. 

Correspondence in the collection is primarily professional, pertaining to matters of teaching, education, and finances, as well as job applications.

Printed items, mostly miscellaneous, include a 1955 issue of The Times Literary Supplement.
Also included is a black and white photograph of Heath.

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1. Heath, Catherine
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