Heinrich, Willi (1920-2005)
NOTE: All or part of this collection is stored off-site. Several days' advance notice is required for retrieval.

The Willi Heinrich collection consists of manuscripts and other items.
Manuscripts by Heinrich in the collection include Das geduldige Fleisch (novel Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt, 1955); Michael (und der Väter) (stage play, 1958); Alte Haeuser sterben nicht (novel, S. Fischer, 1960); Rape of Honor, translated by Sigrid Rock (Dial, 1961; original German edition published as In einem Schloss zu wohner, Bertelsmann, 1976); Gottes zweite Garnitur, the novel (Ruetten & Loening, 1962) and a stage play adaptation by Carl Dietrich Carls; Ferien im Jenseits (novel, Ruetten & Loening, 1964); Maiglöckchen oder ähnlich: Die Aufzeichnungen der Simone S. Roman (Ruetten & Loening, 1965); Mittlere Reife (novel, Ruetten & Loening, 1966); Geometrie einer Ehe (novel, Ruetten & Loening, 1967); Schmetterlinge weinen nicht, the novel (Bertelsmann, 1969) and a screenplay adaptation; So Long, Archie (novel, Bertelsmann, 1972); Liebe und was sonst noch zählt (novel, Bertelsmann, 1974); Eine Handvoll Himmel (novel, Bertelsmann, 1976); Eine Mann ist immer unterwegs (novel, Bertelsmann, 1978); Herzbube und Madchen (Bertelsmann, 1980); Puppenspiele (possibly unpublished); and a document titled “Karsruher Resumee, 2005.”

Also present in the collection are various holograph notes; these include photographs, correspondence, printed items, notebooks and notebook pages. In addition, the collection includes a postcard regarding Heinrich, and a small box of approximately 350 business cards.
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