Henning, Ervin (1910-1982)
The Ervin Henning collection includes manuscripts, musical files, printed materials, audio materials, and photographs.

The collection includes manuscripts for writings on musical technique, as well as musical scores.
Writings on musical technique include Principles of Organ Technique (compiled by Henning in conjunction with organ students of the St. James Choir School) and The Tonal Row (thirty-six short studies in twelve tone technique). Manuscripts are marked with holograph changes.

Scores are collected extensively (60+) and often consist of music that Henning set to poems. Titles include "An Meine Mutter," "And Death Shall Have No Dominion," "Born with the Vices of My Kind," "Cantata," "Hymn to Diana," and many more. Scores are frequently collected with transparencies and worksheets.

Files related to musical compositions contain correspondence, clippings, performance programs, and other items for titles such as "By The Rivers of Babylon," "Live Like Pigs," "Ricecare on ‘O Sacred Head,’" "Time after Time," "A Triptych of Metaphors," and "Wuthering Heights," among others.

Collected printed materials consist of clippings, programs, and miscellaneous materials, such as letters regarding the Boston Theatre Company and other productions for which Henning composed (1963-68).

The collection’s audio materials—exclusively reel recordings—include "Viola Suite," "Partita for String Quartet," "Suite for Harpsichord," "Breasts of Tiresias," "The Dwarfs," "A Plundering of the Affections," and more.

Photographs capture Henning at his desk and a clarinet, viola, and pianoforte trio performance. A Boston Music Company window display is present, as well.

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