Herlihy, James Leo (1927-1993)
The James Leo Herlihy collection consists of manuscripts, printed material, and other items.

Manuscripts for novels by Herlihy in the collection include All Fall Down (Dutton, 1960); Midnight Cowboy (Simon and Schuster, 1965); and The Season of the Witch (Simon and Schuster, 1971), as well as the unpublished works Strangers from Home (ca. 1952-1953); Patience on the Mickmack ; and A Summer for the Dead.

Manuscripts for short stories in the collection includes several items, including stories published in the collections The Sleep of Baby Filbertson and Other Stories (Dutton, 1959) and A Story That Ends with a Scream and Other Stories (Simon and Schuster, 1967).

Manuscripts for plays by Herlihy in the collection include Streetlight Sonata (first produced in Pasadena, CA, 1950); The Moon in Capricorn (first produced in New York, 1953); Blue Denim (first produced on Broadway, 1958; published by Random House, 1958); Crazy October (first produced in New Haven, CT, 1958); Terrible Jim Fitch (produced in Chicago, IL, 1965); Bad Bad Jo Jo; U.T.B.U.; The Black Nun (1955); The Giant and the Ragpicker (1956); and A Breeze from China (1957, unfinished). Also present in the collection is a manuscript for the play collection Stop, You’re Killing Me (Simon and Schuster, 1970).

Other manuscripts by Herlihy in the collection include his teleplay for Kraft Television Theatre titled Box 704 (season 9, episode 35; aired May 30, 1956); a film treatment titled The Scarlet Lily, from a work by Edward P. Murphy; two critical essays, one on James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and another on Aldous Huxley’s Time Must Have a Stop ; and a poem (1949).

The collection also includes eight poems by James Kirkwood and sent to James Leo Herlihy.

Printed material in the collection includes clippings, broadsides, programs, and other items. Also present are the printed versions of some of Herlihy’s writings, published in various periodicals; titles include Esquire, Florida Quarterly, Mademoiselle, Paris Review, Playboy, and others.

Additional material in the collection includes photographs; documents regarding Herlihy’s separation from the U.S. Navy (July 1946); and the Pasadena Playhouse Association Certificate of Arts in Theatre (1950); and twenty letters from James Kirkwood to Herlihy (ca. 1977-1988).
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