Heyen, William (1940- )
The William Heyen collection primarily consists of manuscripts of several of Heyen’s poems.

Many of these were published in his collections Depth of Field (Louisiana State University Press, 1970), Noise in the Trees: Poems and a Memoir (Vanguard Press, 1974), The Swastika Poems (Vanguard Press, 1977), and other collections. Many poems are present in both holograph and typed drafts, often with corrections.

Manuscripts for critical essays in the collection include Heyen’s reviews of works by S. S. Gardons, W. D. Snodgrass, Robert Bly, Louis Zukofsky, Lewis Turco, William Stafford, Louise Bogan, and Sanford Friedman. Also present are the manuscripts of short stories and reviews by Heyen.

The collection also includes some printed material, including: a publicity brochure titled “A Poem: ‘The Mower’ from his volume Depth of Field, 1970,”; three signed broadsides of “The Mower,” printed on the occasion of Heyen’s poetry reading at State University College, Brockport, New York; a printed copy of “The Fireman Next Door,” published in a limited edition by the Slow Loris Press of Amherst, New York; an article on Heyen by Margaret Converse, published in Upstate New York (1971); “Noise in the Trees: A Memoir,” by Heyen, published in Prose (1972); a signed broadside of “Abortion” (1979); and various journals containing poems and articles by Heyen.

The collection also contains several items of correspondence, including several notable letters from the poet and critic Jerome Mazzaro. Other notable correspondents include Archibald MacLeish, Lucien Stryk, John Berryman, James Dickey, and numerous other poets and writers.
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