Hibbert, Christopher (1924-2008)
The Christopher Hibbert collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, and printed materials.
The collection includes manuscripts for many of Hibbert’s novels. Manuscripts are often typescript and marked with holograph corrections. Titles include:  The Personal History of Samuel Johnson (Longman, 1971), George IV, Prince of Wales (Longman, 1972), George IV, Regent & King (Allan Lane, 1973), The Rise and Fall of the House of Medici (Lane, 1974), The Royal Victorians: King Edward VII, His Family and Friends (Lippincott, 1976), The Royal Victorians (Lippincott, 1976), The Court of St. James (Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1979), The French Revolution (Book Club Associates, 1980), The Great Mutiny: India 1857, The English, Scenes of English Life, The Ages of Shakespeare and Milton, Defore to Cobbett, Theatres and Shows, From the Victorians to Modern Times, Cities and Civilizations, The Grand Tour, Nelson: A Personal History, Wellington: A Personal History, George III, Queen Victoria: A Personal History, and The Marlboroughs.

Correspondence collected between 1962 and 1973 is almost exclusively literary, documenting Hibbert’s extensive, project-related exchanges with librarians, archivists, academics, agents and publishers, fellow authors, researches, and government officials. The collection’s 650+ letters reveal Hibbert’s communication with a wide range of notable figures, such as Sir Arthur Bryant, Cyril Falls, Christopher Bonham-Carter, Cass Canfield, Marcus Lipton, Lesley Blanch, Cuthbert Fitzherbert, Norman Scarfe, Lady Julia Raglan, Joan Morgan, and Alistair Cooke.

Printed materials in the collection include numerous galley and page proofs; newsclippings, book jackets, and book reviews.

Additional items include research materials and a contract for George III.
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1. Hibbert, Christopher, 1924-2008
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