Hill, Reginald (1936-2012)
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The Reginald Hill collection includes manuscripts and correspondence.

The collection includes manuscripts for crime novels and short stories. Manuscripts are often collected in various holograph drafts.

Collected manuscripts for "Dalziel and Pascoe” novels—published by Collin’s unless noted—include A Clubbable Woman (1970), An Advancement of Learning (1971), Ruling Passion (1973), An April Shroud (1975), A Pinch of Snuff (Harper & Row, 1978), Pascoe’s Ghost and Other Brief Chronicles of Crime (1979), A Killing Kindness (1981), Deadheads (1983), Exit Lines (1984), Child’s Play (Macmillan, 1987), and Underworld (Scribner, 1988).

Other novel manuscripts (not "Dalzier and Pascoe”) include Fell of Dark (1971), A Fairly Dangerous Thing (1972), A Very Good Hater (1974), Another Death in Venice (1976), The Spy’s Wife (1980), and The Collaborators (1987).

Novels published by Faber under pseudonym Dick Morland include Heart Clock (1973) and Albion! Albion! (1976). Novels published by Hutchinson under pseud. Patric Ruell include The Castle of the Demon (1971), Red Christmas (1972), Death Takes The Low Road (1974), Urn Burial (1975), and Death of a Doormouse (Mystery Press, 1987).

Novels published by Hutchinson under pseud. Charles Underhill include Captain Fanton: Being an Account of Sundry Adventures in the Life of Carlo Fantom, Soldier of misfortune, Hard Man and Ravisher (1978) and The Forging of Fantom (1979).

Collected short story manuscripts are collected in There Are No Ghosts in the Soviet Union: A Novella and Five Short Stories (1987). Titles include "Bring Back the Cat," "The Bull Ring," "The Last Wolf," "Poor Emma," "The Worst Crime Known to Man," and more.

Collected correspondence (1969-83) is primarily literary, documenting exchanges between Hill and various publishers: Collins, Faber, Hutchinson, Harper & Row, and Pantheon. 

A 1987 UK Provident Chairman’s Report is also included.
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