Hilton, John Buxton (1921-1986)
The John Buxton Hilton collection includes manuscripts, personal memorabilia, notebooks, and photographs.
Collected novel manuscripts—frequently marked with holograph corrections—include The Anathama Stone (William Collins Sons, 1980), Beyond the Green Marches (The Green Frontier; St. Martin’s Press, 1982), Dead-Nettle (Macmillan, 1977), Death of an Alderman (Walker & Co., 1968), Gamekeeper’s Gallows (St. Martin’s, 1977), The Gathering Grounds (Death in Midwinter; Walker, 1969), Hangman’s Tide (St. Martin’s, 1975), Mr. Fred (St. Martin’s, 1983), Mr. Mosley, Playground of Death (William Collins, 1981), Rescue from the Rose (Macmillan, 1982), Some Run Crooked (Macmillan, 1978), The Sunset Law (William Collins, 1982), Surrender Value (St. martin’s, 1981). Unpublished novels include: Beggar’s Roost, Café Calvados, Delphine, Foundlings Drove, The Last Lapp, A Meal at Midnight, A noise of Many Waters, One-Man Band, Package Deal, The Taming of the Crow, Three Fathoms, "Colneford Grammar," and "The Day Thou Gavest."

Personal memorabilia in the collection include adolescent works collected in bound notebooks: George and the Devil, Great Martin, The King’s Flute, The Moon Town, Potter and I, and Tales (a collection of rhymes, jokes, and newspaper articles). Assorted notebooks (exercise books, composition books, homework books) constitute the collection’s juvenilia.

Teaching-related notebooks are also present (logbooks and general notebooks), alongside an issue of "The Chorleian."

Two black and white photographs, including one of Hilton at age six, are present, as well.

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1. Greenwood, John, 1921-1986
2. Hilton, John Buxton
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