Hitchman, Janet (1916-1980)
The Janet Hitchman collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, financial records, artwork, and miscellaneous items.

The collection includes manuscripts for full-length works, short pieces, radio shows, and other items. 

Collected full-length manuscripts include The King of the Barbareens (Putnam, 1960), Meeting for Burial (Atheneum, 1968), and Such a Strange Lady: An Introduction to Dorothy L. Sayers

Collected short pieces (fiction and non-fiction) manuscripts include "The Day Aunt Ada Voted, " "Orphan’s Funeral,” "Them Gamens," "The Year I Was Eight," "the Good Boy," "In Case of Fire," and "Oh the Glorious Future: An Idea for Broadcasting," among others.

Collected radio show scripts include numerous installments of the "Days from a Norfolk Childhood” series and various other programs. Of particular note are "This Blasphemous Outrage” interviews with Dorothy L. Sayers and Val Gielgud.

Other manuscript items include assorted poetry, notes, and an article titled "Children in Care."

Collected correspondence touches on a wide variety of subjects, from The Dorothy L. Sayers Historical and Literary Society to film and theatre productions, from funds to personal matters. Notables include Marghanita, Naomi Jacob, Kenneth Williams, Compton Mackenzie, and Hugh Barrett. Research correspondence for Such a Strange Lady, include Dorothy L. Sayers, Paul Berry, Herbert Byard, Ian Carmichael, Christopher Tolkien, and others.

Printed materials in the collection include "The Egg Man” and "The Day I Danced before the Queen"; a photocopy of a cartoon by Isobel Henderson; photocopied divorce certificates of Winifred Ellen Fleming and Atherton Fleming; The Friend (a weekly Quaker journal); and magazine tearsheets and publicity items.

Collected financial records include a small notebook containing royalty records between 1967 and 1980.

Artwork in the collection consists of humorous ink sketches by Hutchinson, most of which were torn from letters sent to daughter, Rachel.

Miscellaneous items include contracts, and an invitation to exhibition celebrating the inauguration of The Mustard Club, to be opened by Hutchinson. Also present is an audio tape containing a talk delivered to the Scottish Council for the Unmarried Mother and her child (1968).

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1. Hitchman, Janet, 1916-1980
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