Hoopes, Townsend (1922-2004)
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The Townsend Hoopes collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, professional materials, research materials audio materials, photographs, scrapbooks, and other items.

The collection includes manuscripts for books, articles, speeches, and other items. Collected book manuscripts include The Limits of Intervention (McKay, 1969); The Devil and John Foster Dulles (Atlantic-Little, Brown, 1973); Driven Patriot: The Life and Times of James Forrestal (Knopf, 1992; with David Brinkley); and FDR and the Creation of the UN (Yale University Press, 2000; with Brinkley).

Collected article manuscripts include "Legacy of the Cold War in Indochina," "Lyndon Johnson and the Month of March," "Nixon Policy Is to Stay in Vietnam," "Memorandum for the President's Committee on United States Information Activities Board," "LBJ: The Decision to Halt the Bombing" (a CBS news special); and "What Is Negotiable If We Declare for Total Withdrawal?"

Also present are manuscripts of speeches and talks that Hoopes delivered to various audiences, including the Fifth Marine Division Association; the Military Government Association; the Buffalo, NY Rotary Club; the United States Military Academy Senior Conference; the Commonwealth Club of California, San Francisco; the Young Presidents Organization Humanities Seminar; and the 183rd Presbyterian Assembly.

Additional items are constituted by manuscripts of reports, position papers, articles, reviews, letters to the editor, student papers, and more.

The collection includes a comprehensive record of Hoopes's correspondence, containing personal and professional letters, postcards, and emails composed between the 1940s and the 2000s. Content varies widely; some letters regard Hoopes's military and literary careers, while others reveal research efforts and exchanges with family and friends. Hoopes maintained correspondence with many noteworthy figures in political and military circles, including President Richard Nixon, John P. McConnell, Gen. W.C. Westmoreland, George Bush, and William Fulbright, among others.

Hoopes's personal memorabilia chronicles the trajectory of his career; items include his Honorable Discharge from the Marine Corps (1957); the Certificate of Appointment as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense; the Certificate of Appointment as principal Assistant Secretary of Defense; the Resolution of the U.S. Senate confirming Hoopes as Under Secretary of the Air Force; the Certificate of Appointment as Under Secretary of the Air Force; and an Exceptional Civilian Service award.

Printed material in the collection (1950-89) consists of articles that Hoopes contributed to publications such as The New Republic, The Washington Monthly, Business Horizons, Foreign Review, and The Yale Review. Also present are articles about Hoopes (often concerning the Air Force); newsclips; and assorted reviews.

Collected professional materials include a number of memorandums concerning the National Security Council; the Council on Foreign Affairs; Cresap, McCormick, and Pagent (consulting firm in which Hoopes was a partner); the International Labor Organization; and the Defense Department Organization. Travel forms for the Defense Department and a press release for FDR are present, as well.

The collection includes research materials (articles, pamphlets, photos, and correspondence) pertaining to Hoopes's full-length books. Items are particularly well-collected for The Devil and John Foster Dulles.

Collected audio tapes capture Hoopes's swearing-in ceremony as Under Secretary of the USAF, as well as the 1974 Bancroft Prize Awards (at which The Devil... was honored).

Photographs in the collection document Hoopes in both personal and professional settings. Also included are photos of James Forrestal, Robert McNamara, and Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski (all of which bare inscriptions). Albums capture 1967 parties for John T. McNaughton and Hoopes, as well as the aforementioned swearing-in ceremony for Hoopes's appointment as Under Secretary. Black and white reproductions used during the development of FDR constitute additional photographic items.

Reminders of Hoopes's personal and professional accomplishments are arranged in a series of scrapbooks, which contain newsclips, tearsheets, photocopied items, photographs, correspondence, printed items, and more. Specific scrapbooks are dedicated to the 1942-43 Yale football season; 1947-48 world affairs; 1965 travels abroad (Korea, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Greece, etc…); Hoopes's appointed as principal Secretary of Defense; and more. Of particular note is a series of eight loose-leaf notebooks containing photographs, correspondence, documents, and clippings that document Hoopes's tenure as Under Secretary of the Air Force (October 1967 – February 1969).

Other items in the collection include biographical documents; resumes; and a royalty statement for Driven Patriot.
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