Jacoby, Neil (1909-1979)
The Neil Jacoby collection includes correspondence, professional materials, and other items.

Collected correspondence pertains to Jacoby's appointment to, participation in, and resignation from various advisory councils and committees, such as the Council of Economic Advisors; the Advisory Board on Economic Growth and Stability; the Advisory Committees to CEA; Antitrust; the Consumer Expenditure Study – Wharton School; the Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East; the Ensley Joint committee on the Economic Report; the OEEC Economic Experts Meeting; and the Committee for Economic Development, among others. Notables include Arthur F. Burns, McIntyre Faries, Gabriel Hague, Robert G. Sproul, Dennis H.F. Rickett, Marion B. Folson, Arthur Larson, Walter Williams, and more. Occasional personal correspondence (1953-55) is also present, including exchanges with William Benton, Beardsley Ruml, and Robert G. Sproul.

In addition to correspondence, many of these council and committee files include relevant memoranda, reports, notes, agendas, minutes, background and research material.  

The collection also includes an article titled "The President, The Constitution, and Governmental Guidance of the Economy," Jacoby’s contribution to the Conference on Presidential Powers held at the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions in Santa Barbara, California (1970).
Notable Figures
1. Jacoby, Neil H. (Neil Herman), 1909-1979
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