Jessup, Richard (1925-1982)
The Richard Jessup collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, legal materials, financial materials, photographs, and miscellaneous items.

The collection includes manuscripts for a variety of items, including novels, short stories, TV series and episodes, plays, screenplays, and more.

Collected novel manuscripts include Bloody Medallion, Comanche Vengeance, The Secret of Apache Canyon, The Corpse That Talked, The Long Ride West, The Slavers, Texas Outlaw, Port Angelique, Good Luck Sucker, The Cunning and the Haunted, Sabadilla, Cheyenne Saturday, Rage to Die, Day of the Gun, Chuka, Sundance, Wyoming Jones, The Recreation Hall, Westminster Bridge, The Private Gesture, The Venetian Causeway, The Gun Lovers, War Dance Home, Foxway, Escape from Terror, The Hot Blue Sea, A Quiet Voyage Home, The Muretta Street Jail, The Calumet, Flasher, The Last Carnello, Not of Fallen Angels, Olivia, Threat, and many more. Items for Sailor are particularly well collected, consisting of various fragments, drafts, and corrections; a related play (The Sea Lover) and an uncompleted Sailor screenplay are also present.

Collected short story manuscripts include "Challenge to Sharkey," "One Sea Shadow," "The Contribution," "The Coke, the Yo Yo and the Rice."

Collected TV manuscripts include materials for The Maltese Falcon, The Exile, and Hudson's Bay, among numerous story outlines, episode treatments, and a manuscript for Turnover Smith (TV movie).

Collected play scripts include Fight Night, Harm's Way, A Run with the Wolves, and The Muretta Street Jail.

Collected screenplays include Too Far to Walk, 12 Hours in Fury, Big Black’s River, and Chuka (adapted from Jessup’s novel by Richard Fiedler).

A script for a "Tom Corbett – Space Cadet" radio program and assorted materials for Lowdown, A Time of Flight, and The Cincinnati Kid constitute additional manuscript items.

Collected correspondence, dated primarily between 1959 and 1972, is both personal and professional. While letters to his mother (Ann), Phyllis Jackson, and Otto and Hope Preminger—as well as his daughter’s wedding announcement—are included, the majority of Jessup’s correspondence documents literary or business exchanges with publishers, publicity firms, and editors, among others. Notables include Jay Sanford, Arthur H. Thornhill, Jr., Jan de Hartog, Elaine DeKooning, and Rex Stout.

Personal memorabilia in the collection includes a book on keyboard theory (with diagrams); music scores; address and telephone books; desk diaries; eyeglasses; a sewing kit; and promotional Black Label coasters for Recreation Hall.

The collection’s printed materials are constituted by newsclippings, reviews, publications, and more. Items of particular note pertain to The Cincinnati Kid (newsclips, publicity items, and reviews) and Sailor (Delacorte Press advertising brochure; book jacket; cover photograph). Issues of The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, and Saturday Review in which Jessup is referenced are also present, as are maps of Westport, CT and the CERN Site de Meyrin and Site de Prevessi.
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