Johnson, Nunnally (1897-1997)

The Nunnally Johnson collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, photographs, financial material, legal material, professional material, and audio.

Manuscripts include screenplays, lyrics, stage plays, speeches and short stories. Manuscripts of screenplays include the films Mama Loves Papa (1933); The Moon is Down (1943); Holy Matrimony (1943); Keys to the Kingdom (1944); Woman in the Window (1944); The Dark Mirror (1946); The Senator Was Indiscreet (1947); Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid (1948); Everybody Does It (1949); Three Came Home (1950); The Gun Fighter (1950); The Mudlark (1950) ; The Desert Fox (1951); Phone Call from a Stranger (1952); We’re Not Married (1952); My Cousin Rachel (1952) ; How to Marry a Millionaire (1953); Night People (1954); Black Widow (1954); How to be Very Very Popular (1955); The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit (1956); Oh Men! Oh Women! (1957); Three Faces of Eve (1957); The Man Who Understood Women (1959); Flaming Lance (1960); Something’s Got to Give (1962); The Dirty Dozen (1967); Breakfast at Tiffany’s; Darling of the Day; Till I Come Back to You; Stranger in Gallah; The World of Henry Orient (1964); The Long Dark Hall; Can Can; The Man Who Never Was; The Visit; and A High Wind in Jamacia. Lyric manuscripts include lyrics for “Lili Marlene.” Play manuscripts in the collection include Lady Penrose and Henry Sweet Henry. Also included are scripts for speeches given by Johnson to the Screen Producer’s Guild and miscellaneous short stories as well as the unproduced screenplays, Stag at Bay; The Wandering Jew; and The Terrorists. Manuscripts by others in the collection include several articles on various topics.

Correspondence includes professional letters regarding various films. Notable correspondents include Truman Capote, Leslie Caron, Albert Einstein, Walter Edmonds, Jose Ferrer, Helen Gilmore, Harry Hamilton, Basil Liddell Hart, Helen Hayes, Gregory Peck, Marion Johnson, Gary Romain, Chlotilde Scott, David Selznick, Nora Johnson Siwek, John Steinbeck, James Stewart, Sloane Wilson, and Darryl Zanuck.

Printed material includes news clippings regarding various films by Johnson, including the titles: A Bedtime Story; Mama Loves Papa; Moulin Rouge; House of Rothschild; Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back; Baby Face Harrington; Kid Millions; Thanks a Million; Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo; The Prisoner of Shark Island; The Country Doctor; Dimples; The Road to Glory; Banjo on My Knee; Nancy Steele is Missing; Slave Ship; Café Metropole; Love Under Fire; Jesse James; Wife, Husband, and Friend; Rose of Washington; Grapes of Wrath; Chad Hanna; Tobacco; Roxie Hart; Moontide; The Pied Piper; Life Begins at 8:30; The Moon is Down; Holy Matrimony; Keys of the Kingdom; Cassanova Brown; Woman in the Window; Along Came Jones; The Dark Mirror; The Senator Was Indiscreet; Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid; Everybody Does It; Three Came Home; The Gun Fighter; The Mudlark; My Cousin Rachel; How to Marry a Millionaire; Night People; How to be Very Very Popular; Three Faces of Eve; and Park Avenue. Also included are several news clippings regarding Johnson’s newspaper columns.

Photographs in the collection consist of film stills from films including Chad Hanna; Tobacco; Roxie Hart; Life Begins at 8:30; The Moon is Down; Holy Matrimony; Keys of the Kingdom; Everybody Does It; Three Came Home; The Gun Fighter; The Mudlark; Phone Call from a Stranger; We’re Not Married; My Cousin Rachel; How to Marry a Millionaire; Night People; Black Widow; How to be Very Very Popular; Oh Men! Oh Women!; Three Faces of Eve; The Man Who Understood Women; and The Dirty Dozen.

Financial material includes financial figures from the production of The Angel Who Wore Red and general cost reports.

Legal material includes production contracts, royalty statements, and legal agreements for the films Dark Eyes; Darling of the Day; and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Professional material includes interoffice memos dating from 1952 to 1959. Also included are work notes on various productions.

Audio in the collection includes LP records entitled “Invitation to Learning.”

Notable Figures
1. Johnson, Nunnally
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