Karolyi, Catherine (1989-1985) and Michael (1875-1955)
The Catherine and Michael Karolyi collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, photographs, and other items.

The collection includes manuscripts belonging to both Catherine and Michael, including A Life Together, The Memoirs of Catherine Karolyi and Memoirs of Michael Karolyi: Faith Without Illusion, respectively. Additional items include The Big Lie (play), "The Countess Who Became a Crusade" (interview by Mae G. Bry), "The Cup of Chocolate" (short story), and assorted articles. Also present are manuscripts for a number of lectures given by Catherine on the American Lecture Tour, including "Hungary and European Peace," "Three Hungarian Revolutions," Why I am an Exile," "The Coronation of King Charles IX," "The Revolution in Hungary," and more.

Collected correspondence — including letters, postcards, and telegrams — consists of both personal and professional exchanges that Catherine and Michael maintained across the 20th century (primarily 1919-81). In addition to holiday greetings from an international audience (Hungarian, English, French, and German), personal correspondence includes complimentary and congratulatory letters from friends. Much of Catherine's correspondence concerns travel and financial arrangements with R.J. Caldwell for the American Lecture Tour. Notable figures include Ellery Sedgwick, Frederick Kol, Roger Baldwin, Count Carlo Sforza, Henri de Neuville, Nancy Cunard, Julian Sorell Huxley, Eglantyne Mary Jebb, Augustus E. John, Eva Le Gallienne, Stefan Lorant, Kingsley Martin, Marie Romain Rolland, Bertrand Russell, Alan Taylor, and Stephen Spender, among many others.

Printed materials in the collection include news clippings, tear sheets, brochures, reviews, and other items, as well as a number of articles penned by Catherine ("American Men," "G.B.S. in Moscow," "Re-Introducing Costals," "The Theory of Justice,"  and more). Page and galley proofs for A Life Together are also present.

Both black and white and color photographs capture the couple's homes, sculptures, and various interests (such as Michael on horseback). Of particular note are ten black and white Andras Straszer photographs of the Budapest production of Ravelski, a play written by Michael.

Other items in the collection include National Registration identity cards; commemorative envelopes regarding the 100th anniversary of Michael's birth; a typescript sheet containing annual military and naval expenses of several European countries (1909-15). The collection also includes "The Defense Medal" awarded to Catherine by the London Ambulance Service in 1946.
Notable Figures
1. Karolyi, Catherine Andrassy
2. Karolyi, Mihaly, 1875-1955
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