Kent, Tyler (1911-1988)

The Tyler Kent collection includes correspondence, printed materials, legal materials, financial materials, and photographs.

Collected correspondence consists of letters, notes, telegrams, and memorandums. While the collection does include a series of letters between Kent and Iren Danes (his mistress), correspondence pertains principally to Kent’s employment at the US Embassy and his ensuing arrest. Materials include letters to and from the American Embassy in London (1940-1945); letters between Ann Kent (mother) and Don Mahone Harlan (attorney) (1940-1945); letters and notes to and from George E. Deatherage (1958-68); telegrams and memorandums regarding reference and routing records (1937-1945); letters to and from members of the U.S. State department (1946-1983); and numerous letters to Kent from his mother, lawyer, and Dr. Hans OHO Braun (1940-1988).

Printed materials consist of over 200 newspaper articles regarding Kent’s incarceration. Also present are issues of various white supremacist and Anti-Semitic publications. A petition from Ann Kent to the 78th Congress of the United States may be of particular interest.

Collected legal materials include a transcript of Kent’s trial (Oct. 1940), his marriage certificate, Power of Attorney documentation, house deed, and more.

Financial materials in the collection are constituted by receipts, bank account information, and correspondence regarding book publication deals and a vehicle (1940-1961).

The collection’s photographs consist of black and white and color prints. Subjects include Kent with his family and friends; a speaker at the “6th International Revisionist Conference”; and Kent with John Toland, the author of Infamy: Pearl Harbor and Its Aftermath.

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