Kersh, Gerald (1911-1968)

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The Gerald Kersh collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, financial materials, and other items.

The collection includes manuscripts for full-length works, short stories, articles, and poems, as well as film, television, and radio productions. Manuscripts are occasionally credited to Piers England, one of Kersh’s pseudonyms.

Collected full-length manuscripts include The Brighton Monster and Other Stories; Yandro; A Long Cool Day in Hell; The Bitches; Chaos; and Gum, Green Vitriol and Gall (memoirs).

Collected short story manuscripts include “The Ambiguities of Lo Yeing Pai,” “And If This Ain’t Love,” “A Digression,” “Enemy of Women,” “A Hazy Recollection,” “Let Lying Dogs Sleep,” “The Shooting of Alanna Boole,” “The Dancing Doll,” “The Hack,” “Men without Bones,” “Ypsilanti in the Dark,” “A Deal in Overcoats,” “A Problem in Curves,” “Destiny and the Bullet,” “House of Relish,,” “Karmesin,” “On the Other Hand,” “Tooth and Nails,” “All That One Man Remembered,” and “The Evil Destiny of Dr. Polacek,” among many others.

Collected article manuscripts include “Living on Crumbs,” “Thinking Twice,” “Free Trader,” “The Long and the Short and the Tall,” and “The Other Earp, Of Course.”

Collected poem manuscripts include “Jingle,” “The Sparrow’s Lament,” “Ministerial Notes,” “Rhyme of the Footslogger,” “A Song of Libya,” “Dirge for a Dead Soldier,” “Parlour Poems,” and “The Song of Summer.”

Collected film scripts include Clock without Hands, Dead of Night, Fairy Gold, Heather Mary, Nine Men, Proud and Angry Dust, Sargent Nelson, Song of the Flea, Underworld for Paradise, White Buffalo, The Big Express, Tangier, and The White Beast.

Collected television scripts include Crazy Quarrel, Devil Troubles the Chessboard, The Frenchmen Who Knew Women, The Memorial, and The Impoverished Hangers-On.

Collected radio scripts include “The Brain and Ten Fingers,” “The Extraordinarily Horrible Dummy,” “They Die with Their Boots Clean,” and episodes of Eye in the Sky and Into Battle.

Correspondence in the collection is primarily professional, chronicling Kersh’s publication efforts with Ken McCormic (Doubleday). Other notables include Walter Elliot, John Brophy, Harry Ainsworth, and Louisa Callendar. Also present is occasional correspondence to and from Flossie, Kersh’s wife.

The collection’s printed materials consist of clippings, reviews, and articles from publications such as Daily Mail, The Chicago Tribune, Evening Standard, New York Post, The New York Times, Esquire, Cosmopolitan, and Daily Mirror, among others.

Collected financial materials include tax documents, royalty statements, medical bills, and receipts.

Other items in the collection include several drawings by John Groth; Kersh’s passport; assorted notebooks, and a Tiffany & Co. watch.

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1. Kersh, Gerald, 1911-1968
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