Kirsch, Robert (1922-1980)

The Robert Kirsch collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, and printed materials.

The collection includes manuscripts (typescript) for 388 book reviews. Materials regarding an article on Shakespeare’s “Dark Lady,” including holograph notes and corrected drafts, are present, as well.

Correspondence collected between 1972 and 1976 consists largely of exchanges between Kirsch and authors whose books he reviewed. Notables include Richard Armour, Jacqueline Briskin, Marc Duke, Oscar Millard, Anais Nin, Ray Bradbury, Paige Mitchell, Dane Wakefield, and more.

The collection’s printed materials include a clipping of a Kirsch review; a brochure; and a UCLA Reporter booklet.

Notable Figures
1. Kirsch, Robert R., 1922-1980
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