Knebel, Fletcher (1911-1993)

The Fletcher Knebel collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, professional materials, and legal materials.

The collection includes manuscripts for full-length works and short pieces.

Collected full-length manuscripts include Night of Camp David, The Zin Zin Road, Vanished!, Trespass, Dark Horse, The Bottom Line, Johnny Guru, and Dave Sulkin Cares!.

Collected short manuscripts include “Avenging the Maine,” “The Baby is Dead,” “Words as Wings,” “Tennessee Monkey Business,” “Ingenuity at Saint Milvel,” “After Verdun,” “Nine Democratic Votes for Lennot,” “Dear Maria,” “Open Covenants of Peace,” “Lindbergh Runs Away,” “They Told It First,” “Nixon,” “City in Ransom,” “The Economics of Politics,” “Requiem for Wasps,” “The White Cop and the Black Rebel,” and  “A Visit with Malcom X’s Widow.” Also present are articles composed by Knebel for Look magazine, such as “The Black Woman’s Burden,” “Harold and Maude,” “The Making of a President—Mexican Style,” “The Mood off the Country,” “”The New Politicians,” and “The Sick, Sick Skyjacker.”

The collection’s correspondence consists of personal and professional exchanges. In addition to letters to his wife and children, Knebel maintained correspondence with a number of notable figures, including Jacqueline and John F. Kennedy, Ethel Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Harry S. Truman, George Romney, Hubert Humphrey, Walter Bradbury, Evan Thomas, John Cassavetes, Stewart Alsop, Rext Stout, and Hans Ziesel.

Awards constitute much of Knebel’s personal memorabilia. Honors include the Sigma Chi Fraternity Award (1934); National Association of Independent Schools Annual Book Award for Seven Days in May (1963); Literary Father of the Year medal (with signed memo from LBJ, 1964); Ohioana Book Award for Night of Camp David (1966); New Jersey Association of Teachers of English, Novelist of the Year (1968); Certificate of Participation, Global Strategy Discussions from the U.S. Naval War College (1969); and the Certificate of Appreciation from the National Press Club. Also included are newclippings that chronicle Knebel’s career and academic accomplishments at Yonkers High School.

Printed materials in the collection include newsclippings, articles, and proofs. Issues of publications in which Knebel’s work appeared, such as L’Express and Gaceta, are present, as well.

Professional materials are frequently collected in subject files pertaining to topics including “Peace Corps. Evaluation Report” and “Look Articles and Notes.” Files contain articles, correspondence, research notes, proofs, and more. Knebel’s address books constitute additional materials.

Collected legal materials consist of Knebel’s driver’s license and a contract with Doubleday for City in Ransom.

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