Knott, William (1940-2014)

The William Knott collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, professional materials, legal materials, financial materials, audio materials, notebooks, photographs, and electronic media.

The collection includes manuscripts for Knott’s Selected Poems, Contemporary Outremerican Poetry, New and Selected Poems, and an untitled book. Additional items include two thesis statements, student work, and various fragments and notes.

The collection documents Knott’s professional and personal correspondence. Items of note include fan letters (1984-04), reference letters (1977-94), and letters from journals regarding his poetry (1981-01). Medical correspondence and assorted postcards are present, as well.

Knott’s personal memorabilia includes two IDs, two membership cards, and his Norwich University master’s degree.

Printed materials consist of posters, flyers, newsletters, newsclippings, and issues of Newsletters, Chronogram, and Playboy. Also included are proofs for “Laugh at the End of the World,” Outremerican, The Quicken Tree, “Shirdies,” “Towers,” and “A Lesson from the Orphanage.” Manuscripts by others include “Dangerous Men” by Ginny Mackenzie and Answering Music: On the Poetry of Carolyn Kizer. Seventy-one chapbooks, composed by Knott and other authors, complete the collection.

Collected professional materials include teaching documents, biographies, and resumes. Additional items are filed under headings such as “Extras,” “John Barth,” “Solicitation,” fan letters, rejections, publishers, and Word of Mouth Magazine.

Contracts, publishing agreements, Social Security paperwork, and Knott’s last will and testament constitute the collection’s legal materials.

The collection’s financial materials consist of checks, receipts, bank statements, tax statements, and other materials.

Audio materials include “To Stay Alive” by Elizabeth Gordon McKim (cassette tape) and “Chocolate” (CD).

Collected notebooks include yearly agendas (1987-2001) and two books of telephone numbers.

Photographs in the collection capture both personal and professional content. Items include black and white and color prints, as well as negatives.

Also present are 18 zip disks.

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1. Knott, William
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